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    Smorgass Bored

    Memorial Day - Semper Fi, Doug Doug, I am thinking about you on this Memorial day weekend. The holidays are not the same without you here. I made hamburgers when I came home from the Flea Market this afternoon, and wished you were here with me to enjoy them. I love you and thank you and also...
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    Smorgass Bored

    Missing you like crazy I miss you sweetie so much, especially these days. I went to our favorite restaurant on our anniversary and bought myself a nice thick steak as you would have wanted me to have. I am taking us back to New Orleans soon. Cleaning up, I found so many notes you wrote not just...
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    **Who has the best avatar on AZ Billiards?**

    Try these on for size. He liked these 2
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    **Who has the best avatar on AZ Billiards?**

    Ahh, Yes he did, and now I have his treasure chest. Let me see what I can find to send that is appropriate for one of his favorite times of the year. November - Our wedding anniv on the 15th and his Thanksgiving meal, turkey and punkin pie. Can't wait to meet you. New Orleans, I am anticipating...
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    Heads up!

    I did a No No It won't happen again. I never meant to cause a problem. You have a wonderful forum here for a wonderful activity. Pool is a game of mind, heart and all around wonderful sport. Can all of you remember when you first began to play pool? I played my first game on a small bar...
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    Heads Up

    Smorg and I are going back home to New Orleans. I got laid off from my job 3 Mondays ago. After a night of feeling sorry for myself, and crying it out of my system. I pulled the shade down and realizing it's time to act. Loosing my job and the fear of not having my Doug, my support to advise...
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    Snap Magazine collection

    Have a large collection of Snap magazines some issues are autographed by Buddy Hall, Jeanette Lee and many others. Serious inquiries only. Asking 900.00 for the collection. This did belong to Smorg and they were treated with the respect they deserved by him. Barbara
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    Thank you on behalf of Smorg

    Hi I have had issues getting back in here since my last post. I wanted to be here the day of Dougs birthday so I could thank everyone for remembering him, that did not happen......So here I am today, and thank you for the rep what a nice gift to him. I went out to the dollar store and bought a...
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    Efren Reyes Questions

    In all of his travels, Is there a pool room he favors above the rest if so why? Granted this may put him on the spot.
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    Ah, PRALINES (stirred with a laminated shaft)

    Thanks for the taste I am having hard times these days. I have needed to talk to him, have things going on and am not happy to be this alone. That post cheered me up. I can remember making those pralines. Doug would set up my special table and lay out all the wax paper and newspaper for me...
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    Smorg... AKA Doug

    Thank you all Pleas forgive me If I have posted in the wrong area. I am sure this will get where I need it to. On behalf of Doug, thank you all for the support you offered during the tough times. Thank you for the wonderfully special jacket and the notes of encouragement to keep on trucking...
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    Smorgass Bored Update

    "I'm All In And Drawing Dead" Joey, You and so many others here have been such good support and friends over the years and I treasure each and every one of you. The results of the test were not encouraging and the course that the VA has planned is unacceptable.I have no life, no joys, no...
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    Smorgass Bored Update

    I wasn't allowed to move, but out of the corner of my eye, I could almost quite not make out something. After 25 years, my mother had finally gotten her revenge and hung tha t cute-horrid little ET Creature just above my head, while noone was looking. If I hadn't read this thread, I never would...
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    Smorgass Bored Update

    I'm going to try to take a whack at this. Our 1st appointment on Feb. 17 was at 6:30, but we got there at 5:00a.m. and secured a wheelchair for me. We went to LABS, which was packed and we were #E98 at 5:55a.m. This threw us off of for our other tests. The wheeelchair and ALL of the the other 8...
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    Got stiffed by TX's top OB Tour woman.

    Ah, pagan cannibalism ? Doug