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    FS Wrapless un-hit Dennis Searing cue

    Here’s a couple more pics I was asked for. Thanks
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    FS Wrapless un-hit Dennis Searing cue

    Shipping included
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    FS Wrapless un-hit Dennis Searing cue

    Looking to sell a new never played Dennis Searing wrapless cue with inlays. Cue and shafts are in perfect condition. Cue is made with Camateo wood, inlays are razor sharp and flawless. Cue rolls perfect both together and apart, everything is dead straight. I believe the cue is 19oz or just...
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    WTS Randy Mobley Brumhandl #7

    No trades on this one. I bought a Searing jump break cue to replace this one and I need to recoup some of my $$
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    WTS Randy Mobley Brumhandl #7

    Looking to sell my Randy Mobley Brumhandl jump break cue. The cue is lucky number 7 of 10 and is in very good played condition. All the factory specs are maintained, no work has been done to the cue. It is straight together and apart and comes with the Mobley joint caps that he included...
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    Two Searing steel half joints for sale.

    Dennis Searing Hoppe cues for sale. KEEPING THEM ALL. CUES ARE NO LONGER FOR SALE. I have two Dennis Searing steel half joint Hoppe cues for sale. Both are the new style seamless one piece veneers that I believe are unique to him. Both are in near mint condition with no real marks...
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    Lucky enough to get a third Searing

    Thanks to some luck and a bit of extra cash I found another amazing Dennis Searing. The cue plays lights out as expected and is just flawless. I had Dennis lighten it up to about 19.2 and tap the bolt so that I can add a bumper to it. Also Dennis replaced the original butt cap of my 12...
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    WTB: Looking for a Randy Mobley Brumhandl.

    Looking to try a new JB. I know there are not many out there as they were a limited run, but I'd like to try a Mobley Brumhandl. Any one out there looking to sell there's? Please PM me, cash at hand. Dan Z
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    WTB: Looking for an old Abe Rich sneaky pete.

    Like the post says, just looking a straight Abe Rich sneaky pete in good shape. You guys know the old man on Miami Beach, Star Cue. I miss my old one and regret trading it off years ago. Preferably signed by Abe, but it does not have to be. Let me you what you got... Dan Z
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    A nice pair of Searings...

    Hey guys, I was lucky enough to pick up a second Searing. Here are a couple of pics of the pair. Enjoy...
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    Buddy Hall signed Bludworth package for sale...

    Guys up for sale is a nice package that I have owned for many years and never really played with. I have a nice Bludworth with over sized shafts(13.15mm) along with a Bludworth jump/break cue. One of the two shafts of the player Bludworth does have a roll, but is very much still playable. I...