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    I'm not really a "pool guy"...It's too complicated!

    I saw a funny TD Ameritrade commercial (link below) today. It was on Bloomberg news and I had to look it up to watch it again. What is really interesting to me, is how true the commercial is. I believe that the message that both trading stocks and playing pool is too complicated for many...
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    Lights on the Mosconi Cup Table

    The table at the Mosconi Cup was super fast and the cue ball seemed to bounce shorter on the rails. Television lighting set-ups always seem to dry out the table, this one seemed even more so. The table had lighting underneath. It's common for Europe to use high intensity discharge lamps which...
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    Hey Matchroom Sport!!! It's time to Let Them Play!

    Next year, wouldn't be awesome see the ladies back in the mix. The very first Mosconi Cup had ladies playing alongside the men. Today, the ladies' skills are at a state where there are plenty of solid female players on both continents to choose from. One player each continent. It could even be...
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    Hickory, NC Representin'!! @ US Amateur

    Congrats to the Randolph's locals. Hickory is my vote for Greatest Little Pool City on Earth. Clint Clark and Jeff Abernathy plays to go to the Winner's side final match. Should be a great match between two players that know one another well. Good luck to both! Great win for Jeff late last...
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    Great Deal by Accu-Stats for August

    Wow, just went to Accu-Stats a little while ago and saw that they are offering 5 for $50 plus shipping for your choice in August. That is really a great deal. Of course, it is for Accu-Stats dvds only. And not their 2014 DCC and All-Star Invitational. Why do I post this in the Main Forum? The...
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    Time to change Hard Times Annual 10 Ball to Philippino Annual...?

    Wow just saw the past winners of the Hard Times Annual 10 Ball Tourney. 2010... Lee Vann 2011... Alex 2012... Dennis 2013... Biado 2014... Dennis And with the exception of the 2012, there were at least 3 Pinoys in placing 5th or better. Of course, there were only three there. At any...
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    Is it American Pro Pool Players or American Athletes in general?

    I know, the Mosconi Cup focus has been discussed over and over. But, I believe that this question is worthy of discussion. This article on yahoo about the Olympics, there is a "picture that says a million words." It occurred to me that maybe this type of reaction may be more about our culture...
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    Is Grinding good for Wood Tapering?

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    AZB Suggestion: Help with Memorial Fund

    AZB Suggestion: Setting Up Memorial Fund for our passed away Friends I am sure you're tired of suggestions. I am tired of reading them also. But, I believe that this is a worthy cause. A couple recent threads led me to this idea. And I know that AZB is a business. But, AZB may be in the...
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    Interesting Full-Splice Thread on Main Forum

    This is an interesting question on converted cues on Main Forum. More knowledgeable folks like Cuemakers could contribute to everyone's understanding of whether conversion cues are indeed custom cues.
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    What was best new product at SBE?

    For us stuck at home this past week, what was the coolest new billiards product that you saw at the Super Billiards Expo? Were there many new products out there? Or more of the same usual things? Do you like more of the same, or look for change?
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    Advice on refinishing

    This isn't a question about how to, but a question of should I refinish? I have a Gilbert player from 1998. Not fancy. Re-cut points on maple forearm and reverse points on butt. I am currently shooting with it but I doubt that I will in future. I'll just keep it for a collection. The cue has...
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    Vimeo VOD to Transform Pool? I appears that Vimeo has begun a new service where video providers can charge for their video content. They also plan on getting a pretty good chunk of the transaction, but it may be worth it to...
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    McDermott with sharp points?

    Anyone know if McDermott has made a traditional type cue with sharp points and 4 veneers since the 80s? "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars." ---Casey Kasem
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    Attention Newbies

    I have closely watched this thread for years now and every so often the same thing begins happening. People who are not cuemakers, nor even cue repairmen, begin commenting (usually on stuff they have little knowledge of, other than from playing pool). People often overlook the name of the...