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    What is the best pool table?

    Interesting how 99% of you like the Gold Crown tables the best and hardly a mention of Diamond tables. I would say Diamond is doing the best marketing of their product even if it may not be the best on the market. What little I know about Diamonds is that they seem to have a very inventive...
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    Cognoscenti has raised rings...

    Metal expands and contracts differently than wood or plastic does so you can't get away from this issue.
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    Full splice vs. A-jointed cues vs. Full Core

    You build the cue using a dry inserted pin to find the balance point and if needed you remove the pin, add some weight and glue the pin in place. This is how a single core cue is adjustable.
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    Big name Carbon Fiber shafts

    IMO the big players have the money to build 100 prototypes before they sell a finished product to the public. The small shop just has to roll the dice and sell their first prototypes until they figure out how to do it right if they ever do. Your best hope would be to someday try out a dozen...
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    Pro players still using wood shafts

    Has anyone done the legwork to figure out how many players that are 750 Fargo and better are still using wood shafts compared to say carbon fiber shafts. Post a link if you have found the research posted somewhere.
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    Spalted Tamarind forearm

    My question is this: Is a cue with a Spalted Tamarind forearm strong enough to be used as a break cue.
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    Pacesetter rails to high

    RKC, I had a local mechanic redo the two pacesetter tables we have at our club and the K66 rails finished out at 1 9/16" above the table height? I have personally taken apart one rail to see what might have gone wrong and I see no issue with the way it was installed. The table width is exactly...
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    Best cloth options

    I play at the Eagles club on their 8' Pacesetter tables which get about 20 games per day played on them by mostly league players. The tables are not abused and they don't get heavy play. So my question is this: What is the best option for replacing the cloth and rails on both of them. I...
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    NON marking pocket liners

    Where I play we have 3 Pacesetter brand 8' billiard tables with wood return rails. The problem is I clean the balls and about 5 games later they look horrible due to all the black rubber marks on the balls that are caused by the pocket liners and gulley boot. What are my options to ride the...
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    Simonis installer for Oregon

    Does anyone know who can for sure install Simonis cloth correctly in Oregon?
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    Test hit carbon fiber shafts

    I live in Oregon and I am wondering where the closest place or event is that I could go to and try out ALL of the carbon fiber shafts being offered these days.
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    Snake Juma

    If anyone has used Snake Juma or Dragon Juma on their cues I would like to see some pictures and would you use it again if given the chance to make a new cue?
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    Old shaft wood vs. New shaft wood

    I would like to here what the cue makers think about using OLD house cues cutting them in half and just saving the front half assuming the shaft is dead straight. Would that make a good shaft if reworked compared to New hard rock maple OR is the old wood maybe not as good as new wood. I figure...
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    Pace Setter Tables marking balls

    We have two Pace Setter tables where I play that are 8' with wood ball returns. The problem is I can clean the balls and within a couple games the balls have black marks all over them from the pocket liners and or the gulleys. I need to know if there are any NON marking liners and gulley I...
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    Object ball flies off table

    In BCA 8 ball rules what is the call when the object ball is struck and flies off the table. Does the object ball get spotted or does it stay down as if made. I know the shooter loses his turn and I assume the cue ball is played from where is lies?