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    Looking to do a Revo trade at DCC

    I will be at DCC on Saturday looking to trade my used Revo radial 12.4 for a Revo radial 12.9. Stan Shuffett
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    I would like to step aside.

    For 13 years I have been on a mission to solve Center to Edge and I have accomplished what I set out to do. I will be publishing a series of free online videos that will share every detail of how CTE works. FULL EXPLANATION!! But the hate and the hurt from 3/4 individuals causes me to want to...
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    Please vote me on or off the island! No mercy!

    Dan White has insisted that some here think that I'm dumb f-ck. I certainly don't want to be where Im not wanted., I mean who wants a snake oil salesman here? Who wants a guy here that has wasted 10 years of his life on a stupid aiming system? Who wants a bully in your mist? Who wants an old...
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    Houle' Shish Kebob, Visual Version Part 1...... Stan Shuffett
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    5 Line Quarters System Overview Stan Shuffett
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    Rodney Keown has passed.

    Saw this on FB, apparently true, Rodney Keown of Morgantown, KY has passed. I am not aware of any details. RIP Rodney-lots of heart, as far as I know he would play about anyone on his home turf. Long-winded player, did not mind playing days at at a time. Wore many great players down. He'd...
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    Cte finally explained?

    A few individuals have contacted me about a person starting a YouTube series: CTE FINALLY EXPLAINED. I have not given anyone permission to start a CTE series based on my knowledge for CTE PRO ONE. I am unable to contact this person for asking him to take the material down, Plus, what is being...
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    I was alerted that my work was lifted by another individual for perhaps marketing purposes. I have looked into this matter in a very limited manner and am satisfied that the assertions of system theft are unfounded at this point. I teach Center to Edge Aiming and the evidence that I have from...
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    Attention Moderators

    Post 385/387 in the John Schmidt thread: ENGLISH is seeking to gather a following for antagonizing me on FACEBOOK. He has crossed the line here in my opinion. I find this behavior absolutely unacceptable. If he is allowed to rally others to take up matters on another person's FACEBOOK...
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    Tom Wirth's One Pocket book ( very short review)

    An Excellent book! I would certainly buy it again. How I approached Tom's material. I literally played through the entire book "visually" as a first task. Tom's visual presentation is so well layed out that I could practically strip away all of his wording and still gain a valuable right...
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    Centennial Balls

    Wanted--- like new CENTENNIAL set- stripes must be marked at the quarters....quarter is 9/16" either side of center. Some sets are NOT marked at the quarters. Their premium set is marked at the quarters just like their older sets used to be. Stan Shuffett
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    Some added perspective for my 5 shot video

    It is true that 15I and 30O are interchangeable. The 5 shots with 15 I go as demonstrated. The 5 shots also go with 30 O. Then the first shot becomes the toughest to align to but much easier than the 5th shot for the 15 I group. It is true that the 5th shot for the inside 15s is the toughest...
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    Congrats to Cookie Man

    Cookie Man recently came out from under the broiler with 127 other players at the United States Amateur Championships and walked away with an excellent 9-12 finish. Job well done, Cookie Man! Stan Shuffett
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    CTE for Top USA pros

    CTE is a professional system. For the calendar years of 2016/17 I am inviting and offering complete training for 8 top USA pro players in real CENTER-TO-EDGE aiming. The duration of training will be 3-14 days, whatever is needed, all at my expense.....from arrival till departure All I ask in...
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    CTE PRO ONE Contrast with Quarters System

    CTE PRO ONE Contrast with Quarters System Stan Shuffett