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    For sale: OB Classic 3/8-10 shaft

    For sale is a used but great condition OB Classic 3/8-10 shaft. It has a brand new Ultraskin M tip. Very slight taper roll, does not affect play. Black collar, no rings. Cleaned and sealed today so looks nearly brand new! $135 Paypal, shipped with insurance and tracking. Will ship out within 24...
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    For sale or trade: Summit striped ebony/curly maple wrapless

    **SOLD** Purchased this last week for $315, not the right cue for me. Asking $275 OBO, trades welcome. 15oz butt, 3.8oz shaft. Had ferrule replaced to a melamine. New LePro tip. PM me for questions or offers. Thanks for looking! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    J. Flowers tribute 3X6 by Jiasen

    Posting for sale my 3X6 J. Flowers. I purchased it from a seller on eBay this past October. Love the case, but won't need it since I am getting a new JB Case. One of the zipper pull tabs broke off a couple weeks ago. The zipper is still functional, as are all of the others. Any questions, please...
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    Question about refinishing and old Josswest

    My mom has a Josswest, circa '72-75 (she thinks). It's in decent shape, still straight, considering she used it in bar leagues for a decade+. She promised the cue to me someday and I asked for her blessing to get it refinished and rewrapped. Her only request was that I trust who does the work...
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    Lambros ebony merry widow

    I purchased a Lambros ebony merry widow from Martin at a few months back. I won some money at the BCA championships and decided to treat myself to a quality custom cue. First off, I highly recommend Martin! Not only did I receive the cue significantly faster than if I'd...