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    Assistance with a table in the garage

    This is what I did and the final pics
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    I am in search of a Diamond light (Cherry)

    Hello All - I am in search of a Diamond light in Cherry for an 4.5 x 9 table I do not want a full size older one only interested in the skinner type It needs to be in a state close to AZ :thumbup: Let me know here and we can exchange phone numbers etc. Thanks Carl
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    ISO a JOSS cue

    Hello all Looking for a joss in the 150 to 200 range I have cues and jump cues to trade and cash Let me know Carl My cell 602-820-7665 Thx
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    Jacoby jump cue for sale

    Not sure if pics will show up here Have a few Asking 100.00 Willing to trade too Thanks Carl
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    Eddie Farris cue for sale

    more info Description: Eddie Farris 4 Point Custom Pool / Billiard Cue with 2 shafts - Used, in great shape. cuemaker Eddie Farris. Eddie Farris is listed in the 3rd Edition of the Blue Book. I am selling this cue from my personal collection with 2 ivory ferules Blue Book of Pool Cue Values...
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    Link and info for the Bar tourament in Reno

    Hello All - Does anyone have a link or info on Reno's bar box tour in Feb 2013 Thanks Carl
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    Hello pool players in Tucson AZ

    Hello pool players in Tucson AZ I am in search of APA players on Thursdays nights at Pockets. 9 ball / Diamond tables / any skill level / 7 bucks a week plus quarters in tables. Let me know email is the best
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    When is the next Preacher Ronn's monthly one pocket tournament?

    Let me know Thanks Carl :):grin:
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    Thanks to Thor and the guys at Main Street Mesa AZ

    Thanks to Thor and the guys at Main Street Mesa AZ I was very impressed how clean and well maintained the room and tables were. Thanks for running such a great tournament this weekend even though I played like a big dog it was a great event :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Thanks Carl
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    Update on Mike Massey

    Anyone know where mike is these days? I just have not heard or seen him around at all Thanks :thumbup:
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    Pool Halls Baltimore

    I need to know where and where not to play I would like to know about nice big clean pool halls in that area We are going to on business at the habor so if there is any places close start with them You are welcome to Pm me anytime :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Thanks Carl
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    New Point Series in Tucson

    Hello All - It official we have a new point series in Tucson Starts June 26, 2010 Here are some basics All New Pockets Championship Series 9 –Ball Handicapped format (Ball Weight) Affordable entry fees Points earned for every match won Cue raffles Payouts deep into the fields Added Money...
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    Great Tucson APA tournament

    30 players ran thru in 4 hours 1,000 added Very good tournament The day before Easter is was great to get it done quick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Tucson APA :):wink:
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    Inside Pool Mag

    Does anyone know if they went under? I have called for weeks and left messages and no one seems to be around If JR is reading this PM me Thanks :smile:
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    Slate Warmers

    I need a link for buying slate warmers I know someone out there has a resource Thanks Carl :):):):)