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    Facebook Live live streaming graphics

    Hi there, Does anyone have some guidance around creating some graphics for a Facebook Live stream please? All I want is something reasonably basic that has the two players names, current score, race to x, the tournament name, and my logo. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Alex
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    Podcast interview with Thorsten Hohmann

    For those that are interested I run a podcast entitled Inside New Zealand pool, where I interview professionals, top players and organizers involved in both the New Zealand and Australian pool scene. I was fortunate enough to recently interview Thorsten Hohmann as he is performing a number of...
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    Please recommend the best One Pocket match to watch.

    Hi there, I'm keen to have a look at One Pocket, so was wondering if someone could please recommend a really good match that is available on YouTube. Perhaps the One Pocket equivalent of Wu's comeback in the 2005 World 9 ball final, or Shaw destroying Immonen? Thanks.
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    Pool podcasts

    Could anyone please recommend a pool related podcast that is available on iPhone? Ideally something that discusses recent tournaments, money matches or any pool gossip/news. I have had a look around on the Apple Podcast app but can't find anything relevant. Thanks :)
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    Can anyone recommend a book on 8 ball strategy?

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a book which looks specifically at 8 ball (at a reasonably high level). In particular strategy discussions around when to play safe/attack, patterns, strategy etc. I'm not really looking for a book which discusses technique. Thanks in advance...