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    Got a couple of pool related books.

    Got a couple of books I'm thinking of selling: "McGoorty" by Robert Bryne Hardback edition. Appears to be a first edition: copyright 1972. The book itself is in okay condition, but the outside cover is very worn and tattered. "Billiards"- subtitled "Hustlers & Heros, Legends & Lies and The...
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    Need BigTruck's cellphone number!

    Any help would be appreciated! Ray, if you see this give me a call. Stones
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    He wasn't well liked because of his stupidity and clumsiness, especially by his teacher, who was always yelling at him, "You're driving me mad, Tyrone." One day Tyrone's mom came to school to check on how he was doing. The teacher told his mom honestly, that her son was simply a disaster...
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    Lewis Jones aka ironman has passed away.

    Lewis Jones and David "G" Guttierez having one of their normal conversations at one of our Tour stops. Stones
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    Lewis Jones aka ironman has passed away.

    lewis paul "butch" jones
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    Lewis Jones aka ironman has passed away. Lewis Jones aka ironman passed away on March 10th. Word reached me this evening while at league. R. I. P., my friend! Stones
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    I know this shot!

    As in most areas around the country, Diamond bar boxes have replaced a lot of the Valleys over the last few years. When the Diamonds first started showing up, I noticed real quick they banked much tighter than the old Valleys, so I had to make the adjustment. Also, the ball being banked seemed...
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    The One Who Puts Up With You

    I waited 50 years of my life to meet "The One". It was worth the wait! We met at the pool hall and practically over night became good friends. I coached her and a few of her team mates over the next couple of years. In 2001, she and her team mates won the BCAPL National Ladies Open Team...
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    Do handicapped leagues & tourneys hinder personal advanment?

    Thought I'd ask. I will comment later. I know I spelled "advancement" wrong, just in case the grammar nazis care to comment. Stones
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    Joss East or Joss West?

    Can y'all do me a favor and post in the title of a thread whether you writing about Joss East or Joss West cues? I'm extremely lazy and don't want to take the time and effort to open the threads which include the cues I have no interest in. LOL Stones
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    Funny thing happened tonight!

    I went to league tonight and had a few drinks. Played well but our team lost, 11-10. No big deal. I don't play much anymore. After league, I was still thirsty so I stopped by the poolroom I used to play at daily. Been there maybe eight times over the last couple of years. I made the rounds...
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    I was thinkin'.....I'm in trouble now!

    I'm getting the itch to play again. It's been awhile. I was tourney director, along with ironman (aka Lewis Jones) of the Fast Eddie's Tour for ten years and directed the Texas State 9 Ball Championships for 5 or 6 yrs when I retired a few years ago. I walked away because of family obligations...
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    "Position Play in Three Cushion Billiards" By Eddie Robin

    I was rooting through a stack of books that were given to me about 12 yrs. ago by Frank "Banana's" Rodriguez and found this book. Frank owned "Banana's Billiards" in San Antonio until he passed away. He left me his book collection as for the final year of his life, I went to his nursing home...
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    Postshot routine!

    There has been quite a bit of discussion on AZ about "preshot routine". I thought I would discuss my "postshot routine" from the tournament this last weekend. It went something like this: "Whack", the f-word bomb, stomp my feet, roll my eyes to the ceiling and say "You've got to be sh*tting...
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    Live Stream! hot Seat Match - SVB vs. David G.!!!

    Go to the Live Stream subforum for Fast Eddie's Olhausen 9 Ball Tour! Next match after the one in progress will be SVB and David G.! Get the popcorn, this will be a good one! Stones