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    Buddy Hall Book

    Looking for a "Buddy Hall : Rags to Rifleman and Then What?" Book. Good condition a plus but any condition considered. Thanks
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    Buddy Hall:Rags to Rifleman book

    If anyone has a copy of this book that they are willing to part with shoot me an Email at Thanks much.
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    1993 Schon Ltd/Bill Stroud

    Trying to find some info on an unusual cue. It is engraved Schon Ltd on one side and Bill Stroud on the other. I believe the shafts that are with it are original and they are signed Schon on the collars indicating a 1993 cue. Has large "ivory flags" with inlayed ebony S's in the butt plate. The...
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    Winning One Pocket - personalized edition...

    I posted on the wanted/for sale and perhaps this would have been a better choice for where to post. I'm looking for a specific copy of WOP that I sold about 14 years ago. I was traveling to pool tournaments at the time and the book is signed by a few hundred players from that time frame. I...
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    Winning One Pocket - personalized edition...

    Looking for the Winning One Pocket book that I sold on Ebay about 14 years ago. I had been on the road playing pool for quite a few years and had everyone that I could corner sign the book. It's personalized to me and worth more to me than anyone else on the planet. It was sold to someone in...
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    For Sale 4 point TIM SCRUGGS

    Nice old Scruggs for sale - Here are some better pics than I had in my auction. Been trying to get $900. Nice cue.
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    Sruggs 4 point

    Scruggs going off on Ebay in 3 hours. No bids yet -$650 No Reserve. If it does'nt sell I'll re-auction it at $1 No Reserve or entertain offers. Listing #110716504662. Leaving the house soon -be back around midnight-Thanks
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    Tim Scruggs

    Selling a nice vintage Scruggs on Ebay - Item number 110716504662 . I have an $1100 buy it now but would take $900 and end the auction.I have never listed on AZ and will do the deal until someone bids on Ebay -at that point I will let the auction continue. Thanks