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    How "official" snooker pockets are checked

    I have only the one thing to say about snooker pockets so I'll keep saying it. Back cut the jaws till there are none. Bring the aperture to the minimum required for a ball going down the rail to pass. Now you have a playable pocket. Do same with pool tables. Ok that's three or four things but...
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    Quadriplegics, Paraplegics, Severe Neuromuscular Disorders & Amputees

    Tempted to make CTE jokes - Cyber Transitive Ergonmics - but enabling the disabled sounds like a good thing. Kudos.
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    how would you shoot this shot?

    The important thing is do _something_ with the cueball. That's the ball that requires the precision. That and pocket speed which Bill Meacham pointed out.
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    Question about shooting fast and shooting slow......

    Slow down and make sure you get it perfect there. Then speed up if you like/can/care/dare...
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    how would you shoot this shot?

    Prolly something like that. Less draw or whatever else I felt like.
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    Center Pocket Music, the long-awaited CTE Pro One book, by Stan Shuffett.

    Ok. Still confused but only as to how CTE is supposed to work. The Raga thing was more like incremental clicks on a gun scope. It was an easy shot but the cue ball landing was tricky and perfect.
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    Center Pocket Music, the long-awaited CTE Pro One book, by Stan Shuffett.

    Question for Joey A: In a match against J Banares, Anton Raga is shown doing an incremental sweep. He took four test strokes in sweeping from far left to far right on the ball. It was a short thin one to the corner that needed lots of outside. Was this CTE or something else?
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    How Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker Cue Action Works

    Same quality you find in Reyes, Filler, Shaw, Chang et al... less dog.
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    I just thunk this so Scott Lee welcome to bash. (I think it's a good idea anyway) Try backstroking with a weak resistance band or bungee cord; rubber band if you have one long enough.
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    Still haven't hit a ball with a carbon fiber shaft.

    I hit a couple shots with a friend's revo before the house arrest. The price had too much mass.
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    Big Filipino stream...............

    Watched some Raga Banares. Crisp albeit loose around the edges. Good enupp as they say.
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    Beat VP4

    Sorry I meant the table settings. In VP3 I found the defaults slow and loose so I always tightened them up towards impossible.
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    Beat VP4

    What settings are you using?
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    LET GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Johan Chua reveals that's exactly how he draws from a distance. Little like spear fishing I think. I'll wait for Shuffett's TTH Draw One.
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    The Toughest Shot in Billiards

    Ask him. It was a jump shot and the cue ball only caromed a foot or so. Maybe it's doable like that on a smaller table. It's one of those shots that I never dreamed of even trying. Only saw him that one time but IIRC people in the audience were goading him to do that particular shot. On spot...