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    Missing Members where did they go❓

    Apparently, someone advocated on my behalf and negotiated me out of a permanent/lifetime ban. How they managed to achieve that i have no idea. Shame i have zero interest in participating anymore. Trolling obstinant obtuse intellectually disabled rejects (in pool or in NPR) while trying to...

    So why was the Derby 9ball race changed from 7 to 9 again?

    So why was the Derby 9ball race changed from 7 to 9 again? And why weren't the bank pool and one pocket also extended?

    Time to get rid of the luck factor in Mosconi Cup.

    Race to 5 is clearly the most exciting format for this event. But with that in mind, how about we address the short race format, and get rid of the slop. I know both teams have benefitted from crapping in a ball here or there, but why not make it about precision instead of luck. Come on man...

    What's up with the cueballs at the U.S. Open

    Anyone gonna talk about this?

    SBE Pro 1pocket lighting

    No lights over the actual tables? Come on man. Seriously? Why even have the event if you aren't going to do it right?

    Price gouging because of SBE

    What do you guys think about local billiards establishments close to the expo, jacking up their prices on things as a result of the expo being in town. From food items to table time, etc etc. Do you agree with this practice or not?

    URGENT: Congress Wants To Make Streaming A Felony

    This isn't specifically about pool. But considering how many streams there are where you have some type of background music going on either on the radio, or from an ipod at a tournament venue, it will be interesting to see how this pans out and if pool somehow will be affected. URGENT...

    WPBA Niagara Falls on ESPN

    Two semifinals and the finals. Starting at 3pm est on ESPN.

    Mika stop crying about the rack!

    WOW! Someone get this man some tissues. This is ridiculous!!!! As far as i am concerned, neutral racker means NO COMPLAINING!!! SHUT UP AND BREAK THEM!

    Should there be a new aiming sub forum?

    Should Aiming and those wanting to discuss it, have it's own little home on AZB?

    About the "no earplugs" rule at the US Open 10Ball event

    Isn't this kind of over the top? Not everyone is capable of tuning out noise/terrible-music/loud voices that carry. Can someone please give me a valid explanation for this aside from the "it's for appearances sake"? Plus, isn't this rule kind of in an indirect way, giving SVB sort of an unfair...

    Wacked tournament payouts.

    Is it me or do these payouts seem kind of lopsided? Don't get me wrong. I am all for the winner making a decent chunk of change, but $1500 for first and $75 bucks for 5th?

    Mud slow cloth and modern balls.

    I have gone through most of the threads regarding cloth for 14.1. My question is this. Can good 14.1 be played on MUD slow cloth, with today's balls? For instance, there is the argument that back in the day, you needed a stroke to play, cause everything was on nappy slow cloth. But if i...

    Mary avina on the so cal ladies tour stream right now, come and watch!!!!!!!!!! Lets check out how she plays!!

    Referee controversy during SBE men's pro final match?

    I have heard that the referee for the final match between Van Boening and Pinegar was unprofessional and borderline controversial in the way he reprimanded Pinegar for moving around in his seat and getting up to see if there was a shot, and that the same referee basically said nothing to Van...