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    Bryan Mordt BCM, GTF 1x2, and Myth Tooled Leather Case

    That's a steal on that case, Pedro makes some very nice cases. GLWS
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    Mr. McCraken your cue is finished..

    How do you even begin to describe that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BEAUTIFUL i guess sums it up perfectly!!!
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    "JoGo" - Jill Hawk Cue Case - 3 x 6

    You guys have caught the attention of a lot of people as you are building some really nice quality cases. For sure your calendar is going to be getting filled up quickly. Keep up the good work as I for one love leather cases and i tend to overindulge in them, lol.
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    "JoGo" - Jill Hawk Cue Case - 3 x 6

    What do you mean, i have been waiting for the mailman every day at my home in the Philippines and haven't received it yet. I think i need to get you a new address to ship my replacement as someone else must have got this one, LOL. Beautiful case !!
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    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    I am shocked you would even bother to take pics of that hideous thing. You should just send it directly to me so i can hide it for the rest of my life and save you from the embarrassment of owning such a thing....... Now, in all seriousness what a total package, simply put I believe you have...
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    Sawdust custom pool cues?

    Because the guy has a terrible reputation and a hell of long list of pissed out customers.
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    Best Custom Leather Case Makers?

    Nice simple case that opens fully and for me that's a nice feature. I think for long term storage the Ruggeds are probably the better choice but these are nice as well especially for daily use. I use a 2x3 rugged when going out but i think i could easily switch to this case. I may have to try...
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    Best Custom Leather Case Makers?

    He also has the butterfly cases in hybrid or all leather if you like. I have a 4x8 leather butterfly that i like and wish i had a 2x4 as well. I like the butterfly style as it's easy to get to everything.
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    3 Seconds Cue Case

    A JB case is reasonably priced, well constructed and does a great job protecting. I have a few of his cases and the 2x3's are rock stars for me, and the 4x8's are mostly used just storage.
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    Pictures of Cuemakers

    I realize this is an old post but am curious if Mr. Mallari still building cues? I am assuming he's from Pampanga based on his last name but I haven't heard of him and I live in this area. Thanks
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    🌶 Jensen....Bimble Box Burl 🌶

    Beautiful Davor, and as Will said, very special. That's the first time for me to see that wood, really like it and the veneer choices were a perfect choice. Well thought out, and perfect execution, hard combination to beat.
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    Mason 1962 Model

    I cant see the pics no matter what browser i am using,,,, :cry:
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    Sold 2020 Bob Runde Cue (Price Reduction)

    Beautiful cue, GLWS.
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    300-600 dollar cue advice

    Would recommend an upgrade to the ex-pro shaft; well worth a few bucks.
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    North Demon/ Burl beauty

    Beautiful cue !!