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    Viking Valhalla line sucks!

    I've never played w/ one, but I heard they were decent entry-level cues.
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    Pro match commentators

    More context, please. What/who would you cite as examples of this? I agree w/ you in general, but I would also offer that: 1) pool announcers don't grow on trees. There aren't as many qualified announcers out there as there are for other sports AND it's not like they make the same money as the...
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    AZ use to be mostly Pool n Cue Sports

    Beats me. I've never visited that forum.
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    Break cue suggestions

    I use a PureX J/B & like it. It was ~$200 3 yrs ago, but has crept up closer to $300 these days. From time to time I think about getting a dedicated break cue, but can't really justify it. There are plenty of options at $300 or less and I'm not sure any of them really distinguishes themselves...
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    keilwood for suckers

    I have a keilwood shaft, not this model. I like it & it does deflect less than a standard maple shaft. I also have a couple CFs, a 314-3, and a very nice traditional maple shaft.
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    Advice on Cue Tips

    Agreed. I recently purchased a shaft that came w/ a Kamui clear brown tip standard. I switched it out for the US.
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    Beating a top 100 player in the world???

    I wouldn't have any way of knowing b/c I've never played anyone on this forum. As for myself, no way.
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    A Typical Percentage for Steakhorses?

    If they can't spell stake properly, they can probably be taken advantage of.
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    Corner ball goes straight in every rack, WTF!!!

    I don't understand this frequent complaint. They are professionals. They are usually going to make balls on the break. They still have to execute after the break, and we've seen lots of pros at this event fail to do that.
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    Revo size

    For me, I was using a 12.75 mm & D/N want to go bigger. I like it, but I don't plan to go any smaller in the future.
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    Konllen vs Predator

    I thought I'd read on here that these may just be a carbon wrap over a maple shaft. Seems like someone bought one & took it apart as an experiment.
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    Another CF question.

    I think gloves are dorky as can be unless you're a top player, but I decided to try one last Christmas b/c my basement can sometimes be humid. Now I wear a glove & can't see myself going back.
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    Buying a Cue sight unseen? Better think twice.

    I have bought several things sight unseen from AZB-ers over the past few years & haven't had a single problem. In fact, I have a cue on order from someone who chimed in on this thread (hi Dave!). I had one MINOR problem w/ a Schmelke I bought & they called me w/in 5 mins of me clicking "send" to...
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    Newbie question

    Either is fine & there are several less expensive carbon options than the Revo.
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    Medium tip on a Revo

    IDK what tip I have on my Revo, but I have no complaints. I have an Ultraskin Medium on another CF shaft & also have no complaints, though I have spent less time w/ that one.