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    purchased a sanded Revo shaft.....any health risks??

    Hi friends, I recently purchased a Revo carbon fiber shaft that was sanded... apart from the fiber particles released from the initial sanding being hazardous, are there any risks associated with playing with this sanded shaft? or am I okay since the dust is long gone? Thank you in advance...
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    WTB - Lightning Bolt Break Jump Cue

    Hello friends, I am looking for a Lightning Bolt Break Jump cue...if anyone has one for sale, please pm me....thanks!!
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    Target Pool

    Does anyone have a the complete game that they'd be willing to sell? Thank you :)
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    Does anyone have the Legends of Pool edition of Billiards Digest?

    Hi all, Does anyone have a copy of the Legends of Pool edition of Billiards Digest? I believe it was December 1993.... If so, would you be willing to sell it? Thank you!
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    George Brandt - Mosconi's Buddy - Cue & Cushion - Pennsylvania - Los Angeles

    Does anyone have any pictures of Willie Mosconi's pal George Brandt, who was from Pennsylvania like Mosconi, owned a pool hall in California called the Cue & Cushion in the LA area, was a bodyguard and I believe chief of police in LA, and also taught pool to stars like Fred Astaire and Phil...
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    Any info on 1970's Woodly brand pool tables?

    Hi friends, Does anyone know about Woodly brand pool tables from circa early 1970's? Good quality? Any info would be great thank you in advance for sharing! :)
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    how to update an oil finish?

    Hi friends, I'm wondering how to update an oil finish (polymerized tung or linseed) on a cue without using anything even mildly abrasive? Also, for an oil finished cue, do I need to be concerned about the cue drying out? I live in the San Joaquin Valley in CA. Low humidity, but cue is kept in...
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    What does the "orange crush" mean in handicapping?

    I was always under the impression that it meant the 5 out, but a friend of mine says it means giving someone the 5 ball ONLY and the breaks... anyone??
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    mystery cue...

    Can anybody tell me what brand/make of cue this is? The only identifying mark is a small black dot on the butt cap with a diamond shaped inlay in the center.
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    Scotch Doubles vs. The Ghost...

    does anyone know or has anyone heard of a way to play Scotch doubles with a buddy against the ghost??? thanks :)))
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    Mosconi Cup 2009 Deul+Archer "Nerves" Match...

    Hi all, I was browsing the forum here the other day and seem to remember somebody asking about the Mosconi Cup 2009 Deuel+Archer "Nerves" match. You can watch it here: The match is split into 6 or 7 parts. I couldn't find the original...
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    My New Wheat Cue...

    hey guys I know a lot of people on this forum are upset with Eddie, and I am sorry for your frustration. I accept that in some cases, there will be no way to truly convince people that I am not him without releasing sensitive personal information, which I don't believe anyone would care to do...
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    My New Wheat Cue...

    catch of the day... looks like everyone's eating good tonite! if any of you conspiracy theorists need help, these guys may be of service: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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    My New Wheat Cue...

    Wishing the utmost respect to ALL on this forum, I'd like to share my experience with Mr. Wheat and his craftsmanship... I ordered a cue from Mr. Wheat back in April of this year, and just received the cue about a week ago. The cue took longer to finish than initially projected, however, Mr...
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    caroms game called Philadelphia

    i read about this game in a book...the rack is a 15 ball triangle with the cueball as the head ball...the one is used to break with and from there any ball can be shot into the cueball. the object of the game is to pocket all of the object balls off of the cueball... does anyone have...