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    FS: Steve Lomax Jump Cue

    Lomax Jump Cue. $220 shipped in the usa. good condition. i'd say 7 out of 10. can accept paypal. This is not a jump break cue, just jump cue.
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    FS: new Nitti Shaft with ivory ferrule

    new shaft with ivory ferrule - 13mm. unchalked, unplayed. radial pin shaft. Moori Medium Tip. this is my spare shaft. joint protector included. SOLD. pending payment. Going back to case if it doesnt sell.
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    FS: Nitti Sneaky Pete

    Chris Nitti Sneaky Pete w/ 2 shafts about 90% condition with the used shaft. about 99% with new shaft. used shaft is smooth. butt is in excellent condition just a small amount of the finish is flaking near the joint of the used shaft. shaft : 3.6 oz, 12.6mm normal ferrule butt : 15.5 oz...
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    anyone add a white diamond tip to a lomax jump cue?

    wondering if i should flatten the phenolic ferrule/tip and add a white diamond tip for better performance. has anyone done this before?
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    Trade New Instroke Case for Predator 314-2 Radial shaft

    I have a brand new 3x7 case, would like to get a 314-2 predator shaft radial pin with no dings.
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    WTB: Whitten case

    looking for a 3x6 lite if anyone has one.
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    FS: Andy Gilbert jump break cue

    weight: 19oz. shaft: 12.9mm tip: hard water buffalo pin: 3/8 x 10 joint: phenolic wood: purpleheart hoppe ring, no dings on butt or shaft. rolls straight together and apart. joint protectors included. extra tip included: 14mm white diamond break/jump tip. SOLD SOLD SOLD
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    Nitti Shaft for sale

    2 Nitti Shafts for sale 1st shaft. 12.5mm regular ferrule. 1 tiny little ding about 11in from the tip. 3 tiny little bubbles underneath the finish near the ring work. none of these flaws affect game play. reduced to $80 shipped 2nd shaft. 12.7mm ivory ferrule. no dings. $125 shipped SOLD...
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    WTB: predator 314-2 partial shaft or 314-2 with nitti ringwork

    anybody have one FS?
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    Lucasi Jump Cue - Like New

    No Dings, No Dents. practically new. Only jumped a few times with it. SOLD BONUS: FREE 14mm White Diamond Tip (uninstalled) with purchase. Tip is still in packaging. I was going to have it installed by a custom cuemaker but havent got around to it yet.
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    Have a Instroke 3x7 Premier Case to trade

    Instroke 3x7 Premier Case: for sale or trade Brand New. Never taken out for play. Black Case for sale or trade. $150 shipped. Strap is inside the long pouch. Looking for a 3x6 Whitten. also looking for radial pin predator 314-1 or 314-2 shafts. Will pay cash for the difference.
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    Cheap brand new cue for sale. $45 shipped.

    $45 shipped. never used. maple shaft. never played with it so i have no idea how it plays.
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    Anyone have a quick release joint protector?

    I just need the male joint protector to fit on the Lucasi jump shaft. Lucasi only gives you one. I believe they have the same joints as the J&J JBs So does anyone have a quick release joint protector theyre not using and want to sell cheap to me? :)
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    Anyone have a Predator BK2 Sport? Need a Review

    Im deciding whether to go with the wrapless or the Sport cue.
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    FS: Andy Gilbert shaft

    Andy Gilbert shaft for sale. no dings. shaft is 12.75mm with a medium moori that has only hit about 2 dozen balls. I had this as a spare shaft for my Gilbert JB. This one is my player shaft. The one im keeping is my breaking/jumping shaft. 3/8 x 10 thread. $100 shipped.