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    Now Taking Orders for 2013 Delivery

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    Two Zinzola Cues

    All gone...
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    Zinzola Brazilian Rosewood on Curly Maple

    Cue is Sold
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    Zinzola Ebony on Ebony

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    Wedding Set

    I just got a text that it was safe to put these up, so here goes. A couple of good customers / friends wanted me to build a cue for a wedding gift for some friends of theirs. I asked who was going to be using the cue and they said they would share it. I told them, I built them two, so the...
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    Zinzola Brazilian Rosewood on Curly Maple

    I put this cue up for sale several months ago, but it had a clear window in the middle of the butt. I had several people tell me they would buy the cue, but they're not into the window. I finally got around to rebuilding the butt. Four Brazilian Rosewood Points on a Curly Maple Forearm...
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    Mickey Carol Here's Your Cue

    Four Ebony Points on an Ebony Forearm. Veneers are Thin White, Black Paper, Orange, Lt Blue, Orange, Black Paper and Thin White. Each Ebony Point contains a Propeller that consists of a .004" Ivory Border and Four Abalone Inserts. Between Each Point is a Mother of Pearl Propeller with Four...
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    Two Zinzola Cues for Customization

    Cues are Sold
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    My Latest and FINAL creation ...

    Been a long week and a longer night. I'm going to bed.
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    Zinzola Walnut Burl / Brazilian Rosewood

    4 Brazilian Rosewood Points on a Walnut Burl Forearm. Veneers of Orange, Chartreuse, Peacock and Yellow with Black Papers Between Each Color. Ivory Notched Diamond in each Point. Brazilian Rosewood Butt with 4 Ivory Notched Diamonds, 4 Veneered and Ivory Barbells and 8 Ivory Dots. Ivory Ringwork...
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    Zinzola Ebony on Birds Eye

    Four Ebony Points on a Birds Eye Maple Forearm. Veneers of Chartreuse, Purple, Lt Blue and Black, with Black Papers between each color. Ivory Notched Diamond and two dots in each point. Ebony Butt Sleeve with 4 Large Ivory Notched Diamonds and 16 Ivory Dots. Silver and Ivory Barbell style...
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    Willies Game 1st Edition - Signed by Willie

    We're about to go through our boxes of books and donate them. I have a First Edition in Perfect Condition including the Dust Cover. Book has an Index Card inside, which is signed by Willie Mosconi. ALL BOOKS SOLD I can get photos of everything to an interested Buyer, but it might take me a...
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    Zinzola Ebony on Ebony - Ready Friday

    4 Ebony Points on an Ebony Forearm. Veneers of Thin White, Black Paper, Red, Black, Red, Black Paper and Thin White. Each Point contains an Ivory Peacock with Silver and Red Coral Centers and two Silver Dots. Ivory Butt Sleeve with 4 Silver Boxes. Silver Rectangle with Red Coral Oval Inserts at...
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    Zinzola 6 Long Point Ebony on Birds Eye - Ready to Ship

    6 Ebony Points on Birds Eye Maple. Veneers of White, Blue, Silver and Black. Ivory Double Notched Diamond in 3 Outside Points and Ivory Double Notched Outline in 3 Inside Points. Inlays in Butt match the corresponding Point. Silver Barbell with Ivory Dot Ringwork. Ivory Joint and Butt Cap...