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    frustrated :(

    Hi every1 I LOVE pool and i'm practicing every day and i'm very insist to be a pro in the future >> not a pro I know it's impossible to be a pro even after 100 years :D BUT I want in some years to play very very good .. BUT When i'm practicing I feel very very very very very frustrated...
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    #.#.# Your Favorite Game #.#.#

    Hi Every1 What's your favorite game ? * 8-ball * 9-ball * 10-ball * one pocket * 14.1 after u choose one What's the reason to make u prefer it ?? ?? ?? About me I prefer 8-ball . and i didn't play one pocket OR 14.1 before :frown:
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    ### Your Favorite Drill ###

    HI EVERY1 I've an idea and i hope it'll help us to learn more drills .... every one post his favorite drill ???????? about me : i like to spread 4 balls and hold the CB in hand and try to run them 3 times in roll but i couldn't do it so far :grin: I just run them two times in roll ^^...
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    Do u use gloves ?

    Hi every1 Do u use gloves ? I'm playing without gloves but week ago i bought one and i feel more comfortable , and now I feel like i need something when i play without gloves ....
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    Your First Run-Out

    Hi every1 Since u started to play pool when u did ur first run-out ? I started to play pool seriously 3 months ago and i couldn't run-out until now :frown: Waiting ..................................
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    What bridge you use ?

    Hi What bridge u use ? and do u change ur bridge or not ? And i wanna ask u , can i use close and open bridge in one game ? cuz if the distance between the CB and OB is short i use open bridge and if the distance between the CB and OB is long i use close bridge ... Thanks
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    IPT instructions videos

    Hey I want to ask u about the instructions videos in I found Mike Sigel's Perfect Pool - Disk 1 ( mastering the stroke ) and Mike Sigel's Perfect Pool - Disk 3 ( mastering the game ) where is DISK 2 ( the guy with sigel mentioned it , it called '' mastering...
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    follow & Safety shots drills

    Hey I've two requests :o FIRST : I've a problem with follow shot even if the distance between the OB and the pocket 5 inches and i used high left or high right English I can't pocket it :( please I want to know the basics of follow shots and some drills to improve my follow shots...
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    ***.*** players surnames ***.***

    Hey I want to write names of some players and please tell me what's their surnames ::::::::::: Dennis Orcollo () Earl Strickland () francisco Bustamante () Niels Feijen () Ralf Souquet () Marlon manalo () Jeff De Luna () Ronnie Alcano () Thomas Engert () Raj Hundal ()...
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    what's the way u use to improve ur game ?

    there are a lot of ways to improve your game,WHAT IS THE WAY YOU USE ? 1- Self Teaching through hours of practice 2- Watching instructional videos 3- Watching better players compete 4- Getting lessons from an instructor 5- Reading instructional books I know the best way IS...
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    HOW much is ur cue ?

    Hey every1 I want to know prices of cues ................. SO every one post how much he bought his cue ? Mine is 70$ ............. waiting >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>
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    8-9 home tables

    HEY every1 I've a room in my house it's 6*4 meter . two months ago i've bought a 9-feet table :( . but i'm not comfortable with it the room is small especially the width i can't shot the ball well when the CB stuck in the cushion :( anyway i wanna ask u if i buy a 8 feet table and practice...
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    Help with the IPT website

    HEY everybody i want to ask you about this site , after i register with premium membership can i download the games there or just watch it ???? and can i watch games ONLINE ? HOW ???????? and i search there all videos there are 8-ball games ....... can anyone...
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    The Magician

    Hey Here is a clip from THE MAGICIAN Efren Reyes in time 2:3 Efren played a safety play . i tryed to do it like he did ::: but i could not ? see how i did it ...
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    Johnny Archer vs Earl Strickland

    HEY see this video ::: I searched for this game between Johnny Archer vs Earl Strickland but i didn't find it full ? please who can find it full for me ? or where can i find it ? ?