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    OB Sneaky Pete. Butt only

    OB Sneaky Pete. This is just the butt for sale. No shaft is included. Bocote into maple. Stitch rings. 3/8-10 pin. Butt weights 15.4oz. Butt is straight. 2 Points have come through the finish. I tried to capture in the pictures. If anyone is concerned message me and i can try to get...
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    Predator P3 Black Metallic Leather wrap butt only

    Predator P3 Black Metallic with Leather Wrap. This is just the butt, no shaft, and no weight kit. Butt is straight and without issue. Weighs in at 14.1oz. SOLD, THANKS EVERYONE all in, includes CONUS shipping, insurance, and PayPal fee. Thanks for looking
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    2012 Jacoby 3 high 3 low points, turquoise and buffalo turquoise

    Hello all, 2012 Jacoby 3 high and 3 low points. Stained curly maple forearm. Ebony points with natural, red, and black veneers. Butt is ebony. Thick brass rings at the joint, and triple brass rings in butt. Linen wrap. Inlays are buffalo turquoise and turquoise. Phenolic joint with the...
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    Rare 1 of 1 1988 Richard Black

    Hello all, Picked this up years back in a multi cue deal. Rare 1 of 1 1988 Richard Black. Cue was made for a Texas road player. When I asked, Richard remembered making the cue, but not for whom. Cool cue, and a little piece of history here. Birdseye maple forearm and butt. Points are...
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    Espiritu cocobolo maple handle

    Hello all, Here is a nice 2008 Russ Espiritu butt only! Nicely figured cocobolo forearm and butt sleeve. Nicely figured maple handle. Stainless steel joint with 5/16x14 pin. Butt has no blemishes and is in great condition. Cue is just begging for a high end cuemakers shaft or predator...
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    Help with this schon ltd

    Hello all, I took this schon as part of a multi cue deal, and I can not find any info on it. It will eventually be listed for sale. Any info would be greatly appreciated, ie model number, approximate value, etc... thanks so much
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    Arthur cue bocote player great wood

    Hello all, Took this as part of a multi-cue deal. Very well figured bocote Arthur merry widow. Nice rings at all positions. Embossed leather wrap. 3/8x10 pin. Comes with low deflection shaft with full layered tip. Cue has great balance and hits like all Arthur cues, out of this world...
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    Killer mike stacey 8 points 40 ivory inlays

    Hello all, I took this as part of a multi cue deal. Here is a killer Mike Stacey. 8 ebony points 4 high and 4 low into a nicely figured birdseye maple forearm. Ivory spear tips on each point. Base of points each has ivory spears and ivory dots. Embossed leather wrap. Ebony butt sleeve...
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    Beatuiful jensen rosewood points mother of pearl

    Hello all, Here is a 2001 Jensen I took as part of a multi-cue deal. 4 nice rosewood points into birdseye maple forearm. Veneers are natural red blue and black. 3 mother of pearl inlays in each point with small mother of pearl dots at point tips. Black embossed leather wrap. Rosewood butt...
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    Phillippi 6 point cocobolo ivory diamonds

    Hello all, Here is a great looking Phillippi. 6 cocobolo points into birdseye maple forearm. Ivory diamonds in each point. Cocobolo butt sleeve also with ivory diamonds. White with brown spec linen wrap. Ivory rings framed with silver at A B and E positions. Cue is used with a few bumps...
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    Fs..predator 314-2 unilock with collar and ring

    Hello all, Here is a 314-2 unilock shaft with the black collar and silver ring. Comes with Everest tip. No nicks or dings of consequence, but you can feel a little something. Could probably be burnished out. Shaft is dead straight and hits great. shaft 3.8oz@12.65 $sold...obo includes...
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    Blackcreek 3 high 3 low purpleheart into birdseye

    Hello all, Here is a great hitting Blackcreek. 3 high and 3 low purpleheart points into nice birdseye forearm. Purple heart butt sleeve with maple block ring. Nice silver ring work at all positions. Embossed lizard leather wrap. Great hitting big pin. Comes with 2 shafts, lbm ferrules...
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    Allen green 4 ebony points 4 veneers

    Hello all, Here is a classic looking Allen Green. 4 Ebony points with 4 veneers natural, green, orange, black into nice birdseye forearm. Ebony butt sleeve with elforn butt cap. Nice rings at C and D. Brown linen white spec wrap. Butt is dead straight with no blemishes. Shaft feels great...
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    PECHAUER...EBONY AND KILLER MAPLE...4up and 4 down

    Hello all, Took this in trade and looking to thin the herd. Ebony forearm and butt sleeve. 4 up and 4 down figured maple points. WELL figured maple handle. Maple rings at C D E. Cue feels and plays great. Shaft is full and feels nice and smooth. Butt has a few bumps, but nothing of...
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    BY RAY SCHULER...Birdseye

    Hello all, Here is great Ray Schuler. Cue looks and plays great. Great figure in the birdseye. Famous Schuler joint. Cue has single ring in D position. Good feeling linen wrap. Cue has a few bumps and bruises, but nothing of consequence. Butt is dead straight. Shaft has a slight roll...