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    Cue for wife

    Do yourself a favor... Make it easy... Take her out...let her pick out a few stick designs she likes...your only imput should be steering her into real wood/ real tip cues. Decide which one is the best for the money. After a while...if she still likes the game enough to warrant upgrading to...
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    Top Tip trending flavors of the year

    Hi y'all, Im looking for some recommendation on what tips to stock for the year. We already carry kamui clears and tiger sniper and Everest. As well as lepro and triangles. So I'm looking for a few more options. So if you care to suggest a soft,med ,hard and B/jump Also if you could give a...
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    R.i.p. Jaffar "patcheye" Basheer

    We regret to inform the pool world of the passing of a great man, and one of the last true old school era players in the world. Jaffar "patcheye" Basheer, (born. Henry Bernett 3/14/1930 ) passed away last night peacefully at his home in philadelphia at the age of 87. He will be greatly...
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    join us In remembrance of jimmy fusco

    Pete Fusco and Fuscos The Spot invites you to join us for " A night of remembrance of JIMMY FUSCO". SUNDAY , APRIL 2ND, 7PM - ? FUSCOS "THE SPOT" 4432 E. BRISTOL RD. TREVOSE ,P.A. 19053 Prayers will begin at 8pm. We ask that you bring pictures, memorabilia and stories on paper to share...
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    lets talk locker rentals

    so , in an effort to get the "behind the counter" space back from people who want to just throw there cues back there for us to trip over every day ,im looking into getting some lockers put in the room. theres probably 20 cues back here....some are employees but most are members. it would...
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    Whats the most popular gambling game(s) in your room?

    Every room has its preferred games of choice that the regulars play for the cash. It usually has alot to do with the location, country , indigenous history of the game in your area, and the kind of players residing in it, and sometimes other factors (table size for instance) plays a roll...
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    Replacement inserts for GC3 counters.

    I was curious if someone makes a cover plate insert to replace the ball counters on a GC 2/3. Or have done something of that nature. Why? On our main tables we dont use them and have bead sets. Some of them dont function properly and/or tend to pop up from flush to the rail. (they are 25...
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    Congratulations to Darren and Angie

    Darren Appleton and Angie Tran got Married today. Great people, great couple. We Wish the best for them and for a long and happy life together.
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    Fuscos The SPoT in Trevose PA (philly area)

    Fusco's The SPoT, A great room just outside of philadelphia. Pool,billiards , pingpong and the best blacklight pool room in the world. A social club status allows byobeer and smoking permitted. Great rates. Action.tournaments. Home room of Karen Corr and pete fusco...
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    Shims/extentions and shelf depth, HELP!!!

    modified my post altogether. Is it possible to add or retain a reasonable shelf depth after shimming or extending rails on a gc3? And what is reasonable shelf depth on a 4.25 in pocket ?
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    Weekly 9Ball tourney in Philly/Trenton/ect.

    Fuscos "The SPoT" at 4432 W. Bristol Rd., Feasterville P.A, Is hosting a WEEKLY , Handicapped, 9ball tournament. Registration is before 730 pm, auction is at 745pm, play starts at 8pm SHARP! $15 entry per player Player auction ! $5 minimum opening bid 9 "on the snap" break pot, $2 entry 10...
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    Fuscos 14.1 straight pool league starting now!

    Hello straight pool players in the Philadelphia and greater northeast region of penna. and south jersey. Fuscos in trevose P.A. is starting the 3rd session of their 14.1 straight pool league. Days available are Thursdays @7pm and Sundays @ 3pm, Open to all skill levels! It is a handicapped...
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    League players/captains input

    Starting this thread to see if any of our team "league" players have the same issue with somthing that has always bothered me, a little, and the (one of) the reasons why i (may) never want to play in one again. NOTE! (this will not turn into a league bashing thread , its another kind of issue ...