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    When is it ok to cancel a custom cue - already paid half price

    my josey had a $200 non refundable deposit i think
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    PPV-May 26-30th 2021 Buffalo's Pro Classic-$13,500 Total Added.

    man wish i could attend in person
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    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    I could run 2000 if I wanted to, but who has the time
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    2020 josey

    At least something good has happened this year. The 2.5 year wait seemed like forever. I was also luck enough to get one of the timeless timber shafts. pics added now sorry
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    Josey S-00 Full Splice cue

    Sold Thanks for looking
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    Must have items

    Say you’re getting back into pool and you have nothing. What items, beside the sticks obviously, are must haves for your new case
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    Looking for Kevin Varney Cues

    what ya got?
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    F/S complete players package (schon/varney)

    Time to let my stuff go. I simply don't play any longer. I could part it out for more cash, but I would rather throw the whole case and all the contents into one box and ship it. $1200 OBO shipped with paypal think the price is too high? Pm me an offer, you might be surprised! all...
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    F/S 4x8 Inexpensive Hard Case

    I purched this case from Jim Baxter several months ago after reading this thread linked below. Iam smply going to copy and paste the info from there. The case was used for storage only. I have since sold most of my cue's so this case is no longer needed. $100 shipped via paypal. US only...
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    F/S Schon LTD1403 W/ Shaft and OB1 shaft

    Need to sell my LTD1403 since my CB hasn't sold. Standard 19.5 schon weight and standard schon shaft. Will also include an OB1 shaft as well as the Jim Baxter joint protectors that I had made for it. If you need any better pics or info feel free to ask! Cue was only played with twice before...
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    schon identification

    I was reading a thread the other day that contained a discussion on how to identify an authentic schon cue? I can't find it now! Someone had mention it being easiest to do by the butt end of the cue having a certain weight bolt and rubber pad and the joint end having a joint pad of some sort...
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    F/S Viking 4x8 Case

    4x8 viking case, new condition and has never left the house. $100 shipped + paypal to CONUS
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    More Jim Baxter JP's

    Got my finals pics today. They do tremendous work! these are for my CB, schon and varney, in that order
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    F/S CB Cue

    Looking to sell my CB Cue. Perfect shape. No defects or dings !!!SOLD!!! - rosewood / curly maple / turquoise - stiff'ist taper on the shaft - lightest with bolt removed is 19.3 (bolt included) - it is 59"
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    Wrap Opinions

    I recently picked up a new Schon LTD 1403. I got it with the linen since this is what I have always used and have no experience with anything else. After finally getting to play with it, I am finding the linen to be very slippery. I am considering getting it re-wrapped with something like...