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    Twisted Turtle Custom Cues

    Ainee Boozhooz , Been a bit of time since i have been on here ! its good to be back !I have been involved with my tribe and i recently bought a home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and we are planning on spending more time there than here in Florida. Seems to be a great place for pool...
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    twisted Turtle Custom Cues

    Honduran Mahogany ~super 77 series ~ 19.6 ounces, 13mm Tiger emerald medium tip with an Ivorine ferrule, Stainless steel rings and bulls eye dots, Stainless steel joint collars, 3/9x10 stainless joint pin, Brown lizard wrapped handle, Honduran mahogany forearm and butt sleeve with hickory...
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    Twisted Turtle Custom Cue for sale

    Cocobolo with Curly Maple "twisted" Lamination's, 19.4 ounces, 58-1/4 " length, 13mm tiger everest tip, Ivorine ferrule rust and white Irish linen wrap, green pearlescent and black fibre rings,matching pearlescent joint protectors, 925 $
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    My most recent cues.

    Twisted Turtle Custom Cues
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    New Twisted Turtle Cues for sale !

    These cues are on fire, The Osage cue is sold the other two are available PM for info and prices.
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    Twisted Turtle Custom Cues

    Please visit our new website: you can find it at Chi Megwitch.
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    Curly Black Cherry Linen Wrap

    Curly Black Cherry with Black Anigre "twisted" lamination's and a nice Irish Linen wrap framed by silver rings with fossilized walrus ivory dots! Check out my all new website :smile:
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    New Website

    Ainee! AZ peeps! My new website is finished, it has a lot of new cues not seen on AZ. Due to my lack of pc skills and uploading of pictures :smile: I have not been able to show my cues on AZ very often. My new site has all my latest creations on it and plenty of detailed descriptions and close...
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    Rosewood Crossfire Cue

    My latest creation Rosewood and Curly maple with a standard shaft and a OB2 shaft :smile:
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    Kumani and Osage Custom Cue

    Beautiful Orange Osage butt sleeve and forearm,with a rare Kumani handle featuring 4 twisted laminations of Curly Maple. Also features silver rings at the handle and joint/shaft. The handle rings have turquoise diamonds inlaid. Handle 29 in. Shaft 29-3/8 in. Combined 58 3/8 in. Joint dia...
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    loking for a good cue case builder

    My website is nearly redone, and I'm looking for a good case guy to work with any recomendations?:thumbup:
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    Double Twisted Maple and Walnut Cross Fire Cue

    This one of a kind cue was made from stock i built for 2 different cues. I cut one of my turning blanks into veneers, then laminated them into another turning blank. Which produced the unique patterns you see here.This cue is a 16.5 ounce fast player. Featuring a walnut butt cap and joint...
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    Twisted Turtle

    testing photo uploads
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    New Twisted Turtle Custom Cue

    Melding the frequencys of the distinct opposites into a powerful force! My new canarywood/ebony cue. This 21.8 ounces cue features a "twisted" lamination handle with gaboon ebony forearm and butt sleeve, fully cored. Blue abalone diamonds inside silver rings. The canarywood handle is built with...
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    New billards room in Sarasota, Fla

    My Good friend Robert Hampton has opened a new pool hall in Sarasota Florida! Lake Osprey Billiards 6279 Lake Osprey blvd. Sarasota, Florida 34240 941-306-5886 9 new tables including 2- 9' Diamond pro,s, 2- Brunswick, And 5 Balley bar boxes. Give Robert a call Looking for league players!:dance: