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    FS-Predator P3 and Mark Bear custom jump cue

    Predator P3 with leather wrap and 314-2 with Kamui SS tan tip. Was my player for last year so obviously in used condition no marks to butt, minor wear and tear to shaft and ferrule. Plays beautifully, cue is straight. The tip has about 2 layers left so may need changing soon. $600 plus $25...
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    What would you do? cue deal gone wrong

    Looking for a bit of advise here. Here's the story I agreed to buy a cue from a guy on here who lives in U.S. We agree a deal and i send him money through paypal. He says he will send cue the next day. Next day comes and he says there's a problem he needs to wait 3 days for the money to clear...
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    WTB 2nd hand Lomax Jump cue

    Looking to buy a 2nd hand Lomax jump cue. Not too bothered about condition as long as all in working order. Let me know if you have got any available.
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    Nice Loaded Classic JMW Cue For Sale

    James White Cue for Sale 66 Ivory inlays Piloted Ivory 5/16-14 joint Black Boar hide wrap Shafts are 12.80mm , 4.0 oz, Ivory ferruls, Layered tips One Shaft has never been hit with, one has had maybe 1 hours light use. Everything rolls dead straight together and apart. Butt 15.0 oz, 58"...
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    Heavy Predator 314-2 shaft.

    Just got brand new piloted 5/16-14 Predator 314-2, i weighed it as i thought it was little heavy and it was 4.34oz! It's going on a White which is 15oz i can't try out if i like it or not till i get the White next week. It's going to cost alot for me to send it back to Seyberts (from U.K)and...
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    Broken Predator shaft.

    I have a problem with my Predator 314(2) shaft and am looking for some advice from anybody who might have an answer to the problem or has experienced the problem before. It's hard to explain but here goes. Last night i was practising like i do every night, i was practising long draw shots full...
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    Justis pro-lite case needed

    i have a problem i need to know the exact size of the pro-lite case in length in centimeters and inches. The problem is i am flying this evening to europe and cannot take my justis as hand luggage because of tighter security rules and therefore i have to put it with my other luggage, i don't...
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    Tapped Tables

    We have recently had our local poolroom's tables tapped and it makes life so easy when racking you simply tap little dimples into the cloth using another ball and using your hands the balls just fall into place with all of them touching, it saves alot of time and gets the perfect rack everytime...