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    Scruggs Titlist

    SOLD SOLD SOLD My former backup cue. Now its no longer a backup since I switched to low deflection so I am going to let it go. This cue hits really well but its not a pristine closet queen, this cue was bought from a great player in miami in the early 2000s and I took it to events many times...
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    APA US Amateur is triple tough

    Historically the US Amateur seems to get a regular group of naysayers who say the tournament is a joke because it offers no prize money. The final four this year are Bobby Stoval fargo 703 Blake Baker Fargo 714 Abrin Schaad Fargo 738 Chris Gentile Fargo 664 finishing 5/6th David Rowell fargo...
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    WTB Hanshew Jump cue

    Looking for a purple heart/black handle jumper.
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    REVO 12.4 Uniloc

    Revo 12.4 Uniloc with a Searing Medium. no pics except its in like new condition and includes the soft case and all the items that it came from new (wipes, small booklet on caring and cleaning for the shaft etc shaft has about 7-8 hrs play on a failed attempt to switch to low deflection from...
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    Good hit or a bad hit?

    ... ............
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    Dennis Searing is making tips now

    ....and they are awesome! The tips are pig skin and are not layered. They hold chalk GREAT and they have a very quiet hit. I have a medium on my Szam and I played with it for a few hours yesterday for the first time. The tips when naked and chalkless to me resemble very fine dense and hard...
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    US Bar Box Westgate Room Available Cheap

    I have a room available arrival sunday April 21 checking out Friday the 26th. The room is prepaid and I cannot use it. 5 nights for $140 all in. Its a single King room. The room would be available for early check in. I'm staying in it that Saturday the 20th and departing early sunday morning...
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    Old Joss/Josswest/OB Pro + shafts/Justis 2/4

    Early 70s Joss. About 19oz. Two shafts 12mm /12.6. $SOLD 80s joss west. Sideways JW. Little bit under 20oz. Two shafts both are used and about 12/12.5. $SOLD OB Pro plus shafts. 5/16x14 Like new less than 1hr play on each shaft. Basically played about 5-10 games at home with these and gave up...
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    Mike Bender 30 pt cue priced to sell!

    Mike Bender cue from around 2001. The cue is in excellent condition. 19 oz. 13mm/12.7mm. 15 pts high/15 pts low of recut Ebony/Ivory/Holly into a flame cocobolo. Double silver ring work. The pics are darkish and in person the cocobolo is much brighter. Butt and 13mm shaft roll dead straight...
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    Jack Justis 2x4 tube case

    ***PRICE DROP**** 2x4 jack justis tube case. Case was bought new from jack maybe 15 years ago. Shows some wear. Let me go over the flaws. The zipper is coming loose near the end. The zipper itself works great, but it could use to be stitched. Ive had the case like this for at least five years...
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    Predator 314-2 shaft 5/16x14

    Got a barely used predator 314-2 shaft to fit piloted 5/16x14 cue. Shaft rolls with no wobble at all. I shot maybe less than 10 hrs with this before I gave up on low deflection. $$SOLD$$ shipped priority mail usps con usa. No trades.
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    getting qualified for bca nationals

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    Lizard skin bound Winning One Pocket and Shots Moves Strategies

    Heres something you wont see everyday. A rare set of books.
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    Alex Brick Jump Cue

    Alex Brick jump cue. SOLD shipped Conusa. Overseas shipping extra. These brick cues make jumping over a ball effortless. Especially great for dart jumping if you have shoulder problems that prevent you from elevating your elbow above your shoulder. Great shape, but really its very difficult to...
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    Titlist One Piece

    my last titlist cue. Been sitting in my closet for at least 10 years. I bluetapped tag the cue with 1.393 around butt and .800 at the standard spot they do around the middle. Not sure what kind of wood. I took pics out in the sun to try to get you all a better look at what the wood looks like...