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    Paul Dayton

    Hi could you send me a pic of it? Thanks, Shane
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    Paul Dayton

    Looking for a Paul Dayton Sneaky or anything with points
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    Sold Rick Howard true sneaky

    I’ll take it. Thanks, Shane
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    LTB: Paul Dayton Cue

    Looking to buy a Paul Dayton w/points, sneaky or jump Break
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    Beware of Scammer

    Yeah he said his name is Russ Chow
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    Beware of Scammer

    They tried that same thing with me last night on a Rick Howard Cue. When I asked him who he was on AZ he said he was “Klink” I researched the info and knew the pics that he sent was older ones from Rick’s fan page on Facebook. I asked him why the name Micheal was linked to the Klink name on AZ...
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    LTB: Rick Howard Cue

    Looking To Buy: Rick Howard Cue With Points
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    WTB:Rick Howard Cue

    Still Looking if anyone has one with points..
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    WTB:Rick Howard Cue

    Looking To Buy A Rick Howard With Points
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    WTB:Rick Howard Cue

    I am looking to buy a Rick Howard pointed cue new or used. Thx, Shane
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    WTB:Paul Dayton Cue

    Looking to buy a Dayton if anyone has one let me know. Thx..
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    LF:Harry Richards Cue

    Im looking for a Harry Richards Jump break, Sneaky or anything with points made by Harry. I've tried numerous times to contact him but havent had any luck so if anyone has one just let me know. Thx,
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    Justis Prolite Case

    Looking for a Justis Prolite 2/4 with long & short pouch if anyone has one let me know. Thanks, Shane
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    WTB: Ernie Martinez Cue

    Looking to buy a Martinez Sneaky, Jump break or a plain 4 point if anybody has one for sale let me know. Email is or text 706-499-0112 Thx, Shane
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    WTB:Libra Cue

    Looking for a libra if any are for sale. My email is or text (706)-499-0112 Thx, Shane