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    EDC Jules Patterson

    Will someone please PM me Jules Patterson EDC cues info? I looked on facebook but came up with nothing but photos. Thanks in advance.
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    Need help/info with 80's Josswest

    In order to tell from a pic. you should try different light. It just looks white. Really bright LED light helps sometimes. Or a powerful blacklight. Usually ivory will have a cross hatched type of look to it from being cut round and vertical grain with slight color variations resulting in an...
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    Top 5 Favorite Custom Cue Makers

    Playability 1st to last: Ariel Carmeli, Bill Schick, Richard Hsu, Dave Kikel, Richard Black(ivory joint). Still want to try Ron Haley, Pete Tonkin, DPK. But no one will sell me 1 for super duper cheap.......meanies! 😉
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    TOI CJ Wiley

    If I'm not mistaken, if you watch the CJ Wiley videos on u tube. He uses the back 3 fingers of his grip hand too. I've noticed when I used it, the sound the balls made on contact was more pronounced and went more in the center of the pocket than when I used the classic grip. If you wanted to...
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    Weather check............

    Here in Michigan we are at 4:10 a.m. 9⁰, wind chill is -10⁰ I use to live in Florida and California. Next move is Switzerland!
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    Ariel Carmeli cue playability

    Thanks for sharing Don. Did you like the balance point of both cues? What are you shooting with now days?
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    Ariel Carmeli cue playability

    Thank you, the veneers do stand out when viewed in person. I've always liked the (what I call the original titlist veneers.) And it does feel exceptionally well balanced for me!
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    Ariel Carmeli cue playability

    Hi, the images are on my phone. I looked for a option to resize the image, but so far the only time reformatting has been available is if I'm sending an email with attachments. And thank you for the cue compliment!
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    TOI CJ Wiley

    Hi, thanks for your advice. I was using approximately a quarter to half tip of inside english depending on the angle of the shot. I dont use a very firm stroke at all because I'm shooting on bar boxes. I'm not giving up on TOI! I'm all for simplifying shot issues! Also I was experimenting with a...
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    TOI CJ Wiley

    I tried the TOI system on 2/15/21. I threw some balls on the table and started with TOI and short shots were just as easy to make as using Center to center aim. But long shots were very inaccurate for me. Also straight in shots were more difficult for me using TOI. And when I tried moving around...
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    Ariel Carmeli cue playability

    I've tried uploading some pics but the site says they're to large. The avatar pic is of the Carmeli I referred to in the first post. It's a 4 point 4 veneered cue. Birdseye maple, ebony points with the old school black, orange, green, maple veneers. Has a black spanish bull leather wrap with...
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    Ariel Carmeli cue playability

    Howdy to all the fellow AZB'rs out there. Just starting a thread to see how many others were, and or are, still impressed with how well or fantastic their Carmeli cue has been playing. I picked mine up a month or so ago from Bill Grassley at Cornerstone cues here in Michigan. Since the bars are...
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    Sold Bill Schick Titlist Conversion with 2 Shafts

    I've shot with a Schick titlist conversion and they play really really nice! I'm wishing I had the cash! GLWS Duc.
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    Wanted - Derby Cue

    Unfortunately it was that one. They are hard to come by. But you could always email Joss cues and ask what, if any, differences were between their regular cues and the Buddy Hall version? And ask them to make you one, they still take custom orders. If you look at all the joss cues on Ebay they...