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    Drop pockets or ball return?

    Ball return, I am lazy
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    Article says : "Hitting a Baseball is the Hardest Skill to Pull Off in Sports." -- Not IMO

    You ever try hitting a 90mph slider or a Kershaw curve. It’s easy to hit a pool ball it’s stationary.
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    Stroke limit/skill apex

    I second that, his stuff is great so is Neils Feijen
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    One Piece Slate Diamonds

    I live in the Omaha area, I purchased a used 7ft 1 piece bar box that was on FB. I got a great price and I arranged with the seller to have someone mov it for me. I called every billiard place in Omaha and the area and I couldn’t find any takers to move it, the 1 piece slate was the issue. I...
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    US OPEN Championships $45,000 Added Las Vegas April 3-14, 2022

    H Gorst won 10Ball Biado won 8Ball good players for sure.
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    Straight Pool Question

    Watching the 10 Ball match between Jason Shaw and C. Tevez the guys announcing the match indicated that during Shaws 714 ball run that he used a magic rack instead of a triangle. They stated that John Schmidt was gonna take a shot at 1000 with a magic rack. Do you straight pool players think the...
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    WORLD 10 BALL CHAMPIONSHIP (28March-1April2022), Las Vegas, Winner $60K

    Somebody better beat Lee Van Corteza he has already beaten Albin Ouchan(sp) and big KO,
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    Are the best pool players also the most intelligent?

    I read a quote from some famous person who said to be the best at something you first have to be a slave to it. I think a lot of pool players are that way, to hit thousands upon thousands of balls is amazing to me.
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    CSI Predator US Pro Series-LAS VEGAS OPEN (23-26 March 2022), 9ft, $125K Prizemoney, 192 players

    He was up one set and 3-1 in the second set and then missed a 10 ball down the rail. I haven’t spent a ton of time watching him But he looks beat down to me.
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    CSI Predator US Pro Series-LAS VEGAS OPEN (23-26 March 2022), 9ft, $125K Prizemoney, 192 players

    SVB lost, is he having problems? He looks disinterested to me.
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    If you are in the pol room and can’t spot the nit in 10 minutes it’s probably you
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    EU Sanctions and the Mosconi Cup

    The love of money and power.
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    Open vs Closed bridge

    Arthritis made the decision easy for me.
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    $500 CF shaft

    Why have all shafts prices gone up so much, I purchased Tiger Ultra LD shaft in 2012 for about $90, now they are listed on their site for $250 ea. I am an old man I know things get more expensive with time but this seems excessive to me.