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    Matchroom WNT Ranking Event (Nineball)- Scottish Open 2023 (26-28 May)

    Ko Pin Ye and Robbie Capito just finished, great match, Yi up 5-0, then Capito up 9-5, then Yi gets last 5 to win 10-9. Really fun to watch. Their breaks were really good.
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    Why Do So Many Bar Room Recreational 8-Ball Players Cling to the Nonsense Outdated Rules?

    When I learned to play 8Ball you had a side pocket for the 15 and a side for the 1ball. After a scratch you spotted a ball, if you made a ball and scratched you spotted the ball you made plus another ball. You fail to hit the 8 ball = loss of game. Lot of these rules have gone away, but the one...
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    SVB v Orcollo

    Or maybe the challenge is to see who can adapt, Dennis can break too.
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    Scott Frost's opinion about Predator tables

    I recently purchased a 7ft Shelti it’s used but in great condition. The guy who owned it before me removed the ball return and installed a wooden mechanism that runs the length of the table, works fine a little noisy but I never have balls jammed up. I dropped a piece of Toam chalk in it took a...
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    Scott Frost's opinion about Predator tables

    I had a new 7ft Diamond, when they delivered it was assembled , they just put the legs down leveled it and put on the decals. Very fast setup. Played excellent sorry I sold it when I moved.
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    Bar table specialists

    I know that in La at a bar table event guys were playing 1pocket on a bar box been a few years ago.
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    Las Vegas Open 10-ball

    I just watched Gorst and Ko Pin Yi and it was very good, Ko made some crazy kick shots. Ko won with no shootout. Gorst won first set Ko the last two. Very entertaining
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    What Is The Most Over Rated Cue?

    People buy expensive cues because they can. I got a twelve year old car that runs as good as a very expensive one. That works for me, other folks like expensive new cars so I am not paying why would I care.
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    Going to a 7’ Table to Get Your Stroke / Confidence Back?

    I like the small tables, they offer opportunity for many people to play pool who otherwise wouldn’t have a place to play. The game doesn’t change that much, the rails, stroke, ball size, you can use on the bigger tables. To me the bigger challenge is the distance when I move to bigger tables it...
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    Turning Stone Classic XXXVI

    He won the Texas Open, there are usually really good players competing.
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    Hopkins vs. Sigel.. SandsRegent

    Who won the final
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    Could Willie make the team?

    It’s the same as people saying Jim Brown couldn’t play in todays NFL. Like he couldn’t play for the Giants or Commanders or anybody else.Stupid
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    Could Willie make the team?

    Anyone who plays pin point position can play friggin nine ball.
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    Pool is dying as is, why make it worse by turning it private?

    I watched the international streams and I didn’t see a 4 pack, who is running these 10 packs.