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    Happy Birthday, Dr. Dave!

    Happy Birthday
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    $1000 max, what's your playing cue?

    2nd that
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    People bitching about 7’ tables

    Me too
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    Best to use to clean a set of Aramith balls

    Don't use Dawn.I know from experience.
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    People bitching about 7’ tables

    Yeah,It’s those sissy BarBox players that are infiltrating every facet of our lives. Yes,they caused global warming,helped North Korea get nukes, and may be responsible for acne. Fortunately Juan is here to save the women and children. It’s like a zombie apocalypse.😄😄
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    Sending Some Good Thoughts Will Prout's Way

    Feel better soon,Will
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    RIP Scott Lee

    Rest In Peace,Buddy. He was a Gentleman and a heck of a nice guy!
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    Still feel like a newbie after 30 years

    And fans of tripping out.😄😄
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    Let’s Just Take A Moment & Be Thankful

    Amen to this
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    OK,Stop bragging.I took geometry 3 times myself.😄😄😄
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    7 foot diamond ruining my game

    Yes,Sadly you won’t hear any tales of legendary play from that chubby old Sellers guy from Tn.😄😄😄
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    7 foot diamond ruining my game

    Glenn,Please re-read my original post. I NEVER blamed my lack of skill on table size. I would play badly on any size table. I was only pointing out that all of us support pool whatever equipment we have access to.I love it when I get to go somewhere with 9 ft tables and,yes, I play quite badly...
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    7 foot diamond ruining my game

    I don’t have any illusions about my lack of ability. My table is a Valley with 4.5” pockets,Ridgeback rails,Simonis cloth. The table is in no way to blame for my lack of ability. My only point was that sometimes it’s all that’s available to some of us. Thanks,Mike S
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    7 foot diamond ruining my game

    That's a pretty bold statement and one that's easy to make if you have easy access to 9 ft tables. It's a 1 1/2 hrs from my home to a room with 9 ft tables and I don't have room in my home for one so I purchased a 7 ft table. I have purchased some custom cues, ball sets and a bunch of supplies.I...