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    Predator LE Willie 526-4

    I imagine it's sold if he hasn't responded, but it seems billiards warehouse has one new: I'd call them first ot make sure though.
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    Mezz axi w/ 12.4 revo used

    The Axi uses the Wavy Joint.
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    any benefit to switching from Mezz Ignite to conical shaft for open handed bridge player?

    I went the other way around: Cuetec 11.8mm Cynergy shaft on my united joint mezzes, currently playing with a Mezz CP21 w/ Ignite Shaft. Same tip on both. What @hang-the-9 says is right: I found the cuetec to be rather whippy on a lot of stronger strokes. It's not meucci whippy, but there is...
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    Predator Ikon and Blak Series: Real inlays or Decals?

    A friend was showing me his Predator and everything looked a bit too "clean" to be inlays. I always feel like if you look extremely close at the outline of inlays, you can see the little "furry" pieces the wood inlays. That being said, some of the predator inlay edges look a bit too clean and...
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    Seybert's/Michigan Open - Anyone there?

    Lol! I wish, the avatar is former adult film actress turned DJ Jade Laroche. I always joked how some AZers have avatars of hot women playing pool, like typical old men (which I'm no youth myself lol). So I copied the trend when I first joined and it's stuck since!
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    Seybert's/Michigan Open - Anyone there?

    My friend and I are debating on taking a tip over there for the weekend, but couldn't find info on admission prices, parking, etc. Also if anyone there knows what vendors are set up (other than Seyberts of course lol). It's a 2.5 hour drive and Fridays are usually a light work day (working...
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    The BIG Mezz shaft thread!

    Recently picked up a new Mezz CP21MD (w/ Ignite upgrade) from J&J, and a secondhand PB2 from a member of this forum. Prior, my experiences with Mezz were limited to an old EC (forgot which one) with a WD700 and two Power Break 1s. I wasn't really a fan of the EC, but I was a huge fan of the...
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    How dominant do you believe Carbon Shafts will become, at the pro level?

    Haha it's been a few years, seems like a lot of pros are using Revos (and some ignites). But they're also sponsored. I recently just came back after a few years off and my pool hall seems have about 50% of the players using CF shafts nowadays... all handicaps. The other trend I didn't...
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    Sold Mezz Power Break 2 II Brown

    PM sent.
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    Hey Cuetec!

    Lol his cue was put through the ringer, watched an old match on youtube where some of the paint was peeled near the joint. I think the beauty of his sponsorship back then was to feature the "new" R360 shaft at the time. A non-fiberglass shaft from cuetec that actually plays well?? I've read...
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    Mezz Power Stroker Butt. Rare cue!

    Price drop
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    Mezz Power Stroker Butt. Rare cue!

    For sale: Mezz Power Stroker butt w/Mezz sleeve. Asking $250 obo shipped. Info: The person who sold me this said the previous owner special ordered the cue when he was in Dubai. You won't see this for sale often. It's a HEAVY...