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    FS: Forearms; seconds

    SOLD Thanks
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    Accu-Stat One Pocket movies

    I recently bought these and watched them once. I bought them used on here but they are in perfect shape or pretty close. One case is cracked but the dvd is in good shape. No issues. 2103 Southern Classic One Pocket - (8) 2014 Derby City Classic One Pocket - (8) 2014 Invitational: One Pocket...
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    Its George cue cases New 1/2, Used 3/6

    Sold ......
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    One Pocket DVDs and a few others

    49 mostly One Pocket DVD movies Like the title says, 49 DVDS, mostly one pocket related matches and training videos. All original, not copied. They all work as I can tell and I’ve watched each one. Please check out the pictures for actual titles. SOLD
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    Gaboon Ebony

    I want to buy another stack of wood so I'm selling these to fund that. These are the darkest I've have or have found. They are straight off the shelf, no picking through them. I recognize at lest one of them for sure from 2010 and all kiln dried. They have all been through the jointer and well...
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    LTB: Well used Ron Thomas or GTF 1/2

    As the title says, a well worn or damaged case.
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    Porper Model B

    Nice lathe with everything that came with lathe from Porper. It was used to build cues by an older guy for several years. I went through it and reassembled it it and replaced the rails. Its now the quietest and smoothest Porper I've used out of the five or six I've used. I've only used it to...
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    FS: Grizzly G8688 - 7" x 12" Mini Metal Lathe w/ Extension

    I am selling this lathe with 16" bed extension included. I switched it all over to the longer bed and kept the short one for the tail stock. I machined it so they can be very close, but the tail stock can not go the entire length of the bed without some hassle. Also painted the replacement bed...
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    FS: Porper Linen Press

    Bought this with the shop. I don't need two of them. It's used but seems to be in good shape. SOLD
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    FS: 5/16-18 Pins, JPs, Inserts, Die

    90 Joint protectors, 37 joint pins, 20 inserts and 1 die. SOLD Bought a guys home shop and these were what he would use. Says he purchased everything from Atlas except the JPs, which he had made. Some of the pins and inserts need to be cleaned up. I threw any damaged ones away. The J/Ps are...
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    5/16-18 two piece joint protector sets

    90 sets of joint protectors. $190 shipped. These are plastic and inexpensive.
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    FS: Wrap Magic Fixture

    Unique Products Leather Wrap Fixture. Bought this from a guy a few months ago who had never used it. I have used it a few times and Its in good shape. There is surface rust on the top piece, which was there where i got it. Guessing he had it stored in a garage. Comes with the template and...
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    Trying to find: Porper model A and DeAngelo fixture

    It's a long shot I'm sure, but I'm looking to purchase a DeAngelo leather wrap fixture and a Porper Model A lathe. Well I found the wrap fixture. Still looking for the other sort of...
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    FS: Cocobolo squares

    I recently cut up some larger board that were purchased around 2012 give or take. They were in his shop since 2003. They are between 1.4 and 1.5, but not under 1.4. They are at the listed length or longer in most cases. There are no observable cracks or holes. The board on top of the stack...
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    Anyone remember an older cues for sale page?

    I can not remember too much about it, but he had a nice clean webpage and offered cues on consignment. Seemed to enjoy South West but had a small variety. He showed his Gold Crown table and had asked for advice on the site before buying? Was around 2002 maybe? I came across Google archives...