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    The slow play

    I'm not the fastest player in the world but I'd guess I average 20 seconds on obvious shots (when pattern play from ball to ball is elementary) and maybe 45 seconds on tough calls (questioning "should play safe?" versus "can I run out here?" / lengthy shots / thin cuts. I know different areas...
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    How to make a home pool table feel/hit solid

    Hello, This is directed to members who have or have had a home pool table. I'm fortunate enough to be in a position where my wife and I will be building our forever home now that our daughters are off to college; and with that I'm cough cough..."allowed" to have a pool room. With that I have...
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    1973 Formula

    400 Ram Air III Muncie Close Ratio 4 Speed Fully Restored - Frame Off Numbers matching 38,000 original miles Brewster Green Black interior Headers and full exhaust with exhaust cut outs Mild cam Ported heads and manifold Restoration completed in 2015. Solid 7,500 miles since restoration Ran...
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    My qualm with USAPL 8Ball (Fargo system)

    Tuesday night is our hall's USAPL Fargo 8Ball night. Roughly 30 teams play. My race was 85 to 29 (I had to reach 85 before my opponent got to 29). Now, I have no issue with giving up weight and playing lower ranked players every once and a while. I think it's a challenge playing lower...
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    Fresh meat

    Hi guys, I didn't see an "Introductions Section" so I guess I'll post here. I'm pretty new to the game. This is only my second year playing competitive pool (well...depending on how competitive if you consider APA and USAPL leagues); I'm 29. My dad was a decent shot and we had an 8 footer...