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    Purple Heart Cue support for pictures.

    These supports are made of Purple Heart. Supports one butt and up to two shafts for better display while taking pictures of cues to sell or just show off. Cost is $22.00 which includes paypal fees and shipping in the USA ONLY. Click the buy it now button below. It tracks the inventory and will...
  2. woody_968 in Tunica.

    I am in Tunica if anyone is interested in seeing one of the ball polishers. I was not able to get a booth but if anyone is interested in seeing one or just meeting pm or email me. Woody
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    Anyone going to have a booth at Tunica?

    Was wondering if any AZers was going to have a booth at Tunica. I am thinking about going down but I don't have enough products to warrant renting a booth. Thanks Woody
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    GREAT nine ball match....

    If you have not had a chance to watch this match, it is one you don't want to miss! Chang vs Bustamante in the 05 World Championships. Click HERE Jerry does commentary on this set as well, which is an added bonus. Woody
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    Meucci cue and George Case $120 shipped!

    ********SOLD******** Older Meucci cue. 21 OZ cue, does have the weight screw in it so it can be lightened up but it takes a little work to get the screw out lol. Cue is in pretty good shape overall. There is a couple good scratches in the clear coat on the wrap. Pictures below show these. I...
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    Pool ball polishers

    ******Pool Ball Polishers****** They will hold a set of 16 balls. Carpet lining is high grade commercial carpet, virtually stain proof. This is installed with hot glue, so if someone wanted to it can be pulled off and a new piece hot glued on. The pad the balls rest on is a standard 10"...
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    Pechauer Cue $200 shipped.

    I have a JP Pechauer cue for sale. Weight is 19oz, Cue is in nice shape. Shaft does have some taper roll, but nothing bad. Butt rolls straight. When the shaft and butt are together if you roll the cue the tip does come off the table, I assume this means the joint needs faced. I had talked to a...
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    Predator Roadline 1 priced to sell

    *********SOLD******** Predator Roadline 1 cue for sale. Number 145 of 150. Cue is in great condition, hate to sell it but unexpected bills mean it has to go! Weight is 19 1/8 oz, and can be changed with weight bolts (not supplied). Has 314 2 shaft. Priced to sell at $350. This includes...
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    OB1 and OB Classic shaft question.

    I have an OB1 shaft that the ferrule chipped out on and am going to have the ferrule replaced. Is the only difference between the OB-1 and the Classic the ferrule material? I like the way the OB-1 plays, but could stand to have a little more feel. I see that several people like the Classic...
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    Pool Ball Polisher

    I am currently on running about two weeks out for new orders My local pool room bought my first one and it has worked out great for them. You can fit all 16 balls in at one time. I use a 10" pad so replacement pads are easily available. The carpet has been hot glued in so if you would want to...
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    Best reasonable cost webcam for pool table?

    I want to set up a webcam to my computer to tape practice and matches to study, what is the best camera with in a reasonable price range? Is there anything that works well for less than $100, how bout less than $50? thanks Woody
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    Pockets for Aniversary?

    With all the work being done to my table Im now considering changing out the pockets. Someone in another thread mentioned GC4 pockets and said they would be a lower profile. Im considering these,656.html are the GC4 pockets different in some...
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    WTB reasonable Predator Air jump cue

    Im interested in trying a predator jump cue if anyone has one for a reasonable price. Have some cues and cases I may be willing to trade for the cue but would probably need some cash thrown my way. Woody
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    Motivational sayings for my wall

    Im in the process of setting up my new home room, and would like to put some motivating quotes up on the walls. Like "we play like we practice". What are some quotes that you like to use with students, for self motivation, or to just get your mind in the right place during practice sessions? Woody
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    Best rails for Brunswick Anniversary and where to buy?

    I'm considering new rails before I have my table set up, so what should I buy and where is the best place to order from?