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    looking for jb black and lime green 3x5 or larger

    have a few things to trade
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    looking for 30 inch ob fusion 4 3810

    have a few things to trade
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    Jb case and jacoby black wtt for

    looking for a 3810 jacoby black shaft 30 inch preferred but not a deal breaker and black and green jb rugged will trade for a very nice one of one stingray leather volturi case also interested in roberto franco jump cues dark horse jump cues and jumping jax jump cues but only if they are green...
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    Custom volturi case

    looking to trade for a jb black with bright green stitching plus cash a jb plus 3 8 10 cf shaft any jump cues with green especially burl playing cues with green ill make someone a good deal let me know what you have message on here or 6362352071
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    green jacoby jumper

    looking for a green colored jacoby jump cue three piece or two piece fine i can buy or have a few different things to trade message me on here if you have one and we will make a deal ps the closer to a lime green color the better
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    3810 ob phoenix shaft ft

    i have a test hit only ob phoenix shaft 3 8 10 pin and black collar looking for trades hit me up with offers will consider anything
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    3 8 10 ob phoenix shaft

    i have a brand new 3 810 ob phoenix shaft 12 .8 plain black collar looking to trade for either a cuetec propel or a girly jb case with multiple colors also open to other trades just let me know what you have worst i can say is no hit me up on here or text only at 6364663745
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    Wtt for 3 8 10 cynergy shaft

    I have a green predator roadline with original z shaft willing to trade whole cue for 3 8 10 cynergy shaft message me here or text only at 6362352071
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    Looking for black with green stitching in case

    Looking for 3x6 or 4x8 twostraps or one doesn't matter new or used as long as it's in good condition I have a mint bk3 wrapless butt only I can trade or a black with blue stitching single strap jb rugged I can use to trade up or if price is right will buy out right 6362352071
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    Looking for poison vx jump break cue

    Really want this in green but other colors considered 6362352071
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    Wtb hanshew jump cue PayPal ready

    Wanted to buy any hanshew jump cue PayPal ready pm me here or text at 6362352071 wanted to buy asap
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    Hanshew jump cue any condition

    As long as it's functional and straight finish issues or dents and scratches not a problem PayPal ready condition however will reflect on price wanted to buy asap possibly interested in two of them
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    Wanted hanshew jumper and or Jericho stinger in or bk rush

    Looking for these items bk3,bk rush ,volturi case, Jericho stinger jump break with purple heart shaft ,hanshew jump cue these are my main wants but other things will be considered I have a rare Richard dickie neighbors cue to trade message me on here or text me only please at 6362352071
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    Rare wrapless Richard "dickie" neighbors cue

    Looking to trade this beautiful rare cue for a bk3 or bk rush and hanshew jumper all trade offers will be considered but those are my main wants , as well as nice volturi cases all white is the good stuff comes with one shaft with matching ringwork please message me on here or my phone number is...