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    Is anyone still using Ultra skin tips ?

    UltraSkins........Great Tips, Great Price, Great Customer Service from Tom Hay. I would recommend them to anyone.
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    Amazing Match Ko Pin Yi vs Fong Pang Chao

    I think the balls they were using are the Dynaspheres Palladium Set
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    Amazing Match Ko Pin Yi vs Fong Pang Chao

    A good match, but I really hate pattern racking!!!
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    Shaft Joint Change

    Is it possible/ok to just re tap a shaft with a Radial joint with a 3/8-10 tap? Or must you plug it and start afresh? Thanks
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    after watching mosconi, I'm gona buy a cf shaft.

    Predator asked Filler to play with a CF shaft, so he did. He played with a 12.4mm Revo. He never really adjusted to it because of tip size, so went back to a Z3 shaft with an 11.8mm tip. I have not spoke with him about this subject recently, so if you have spoken with Pia you might know better...
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    One Country vs Continent of 49 Countries

    It's never been US vs Britain (if that's what you meant)
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    Do you think 9-ball would be better or worse if a mandatory push out after the break became a standard rule?

    IMO keep it simple for the viewing public. Break from the spot every time. And do way with the 'push-out' all together.
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    Mosconi Cup Day Two

    The Brits are leaving the European Union. No one is physically picking up the country and taking it out of Europe. It's just the same for Switzerland. They are in Europe, but have never been in the European Union.
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    Kelly Fisher World 9Ball Champion

    Well done Kelly!
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    Womens World 9Ball

    Everything here seems to be far better than the Mens version for the venue, streaming, etc
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    Atlantic Challenge cup (Junior Mosconi Cup)

    Atlantic Challenge cup (Junior Mosconi Cup) has started today.
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    European Mosconi Team

    Any thoughts on who should join Filler, Kaci & Kazakis? IMO as all three will only be making their second appearances, I think one of the wildcards should go to a player with more MC experience but still high in the rankings. Possibly Feijen or Souquet. As for the second wildcard, that's tough...
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    Polishing out scatches

    I have some light scratches in my cue butt. I'd light to try to polish some of them out. What's the best method or grade of paper i should use? Thanks
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    Spongy leather wrap

    I currently use a Lucasi LHT88 butt on my playing cue. It's the the one with the rubber/sports grip handle. The handle is very slightly spongy/cushiony/compressible. Which I like. It is possible to have a custom cue made with a stack leather or normal leather wrap that replicates this slight...