2017 World Chinese 8 Ball Masters QUALIFIER! Nov. 22nd & 23rd in New Jersey!


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Currently THE ONLY JOY CHINESE 8-BALL TABLE set up for use in the USA!!!

(I'm sure not the only one for long but will always be the 1st!!!)

Win a FREE entry, FREE airfare and FREE hotel stay in CHINA at the 2017 World 8 Ball Masters sponsored by Joy. That's over $3,500 in value PLUS win more because you're already in the money when you're there!

Qualifier Runner-up will recieve $1,000.00 cash.
Qualifier Third place will take home $500.00 cash.
This is based on just a 32 player field.

Come on out in force to enter so that we can host many more qualifiers like this one with possibly even MORE cash incentive and added prizes!!! Only $100 to enter. DOUBLE - ELIMINATION, Races to 6 on both sides, Alternate break format, WPA rules except ball in hand ANYWHERE even on the break & you CANNOT use the other group of balls for a combo even when the table is open. It's simple. Play and win win win!!!

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Have no fear tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow...Tomorrow...It's only a day awaaaaaaaay!

We've heard rumor of many B class & A class players being leery of playing tomorrow. HAVE NO FEAR; all the big pros don't play in qualifiers. They are automatically invited into stage 2 (final 64 players). You can meet them THERE in China once YOU QUALIFY! Come on out TOMORROW by 12:00 NOON to compete!



Ed Liddawi on the PoolLive app


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Seriously, no answer? Tried Sandcastle also, nothing. Did they even have the qualifier?

Thank you for your interest!

The Chinese 8-Ball qualifier was streamed not only on the Sandcastle Ustream Channel advertised but ALSO on the phone app PoolLive for everyone's viewing pleasure.

The featured matches were all recorded and are still available on the Ustream channel or in the PoolLive "hottest" video section.

The top 3 finishers were Corey Deuel, Shaun Wilkie & Victor Nau. Congrats to all of them for a great tough day of battle! We finished up in only one day as opposed to the original 2 days scheduled for the event.
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Pool with snooker pockets. Grreat idea!1111!! Trouble is too many simple shots are not just out of spec but completely foolhardy. Great practice, not so great game. For the millionth time:
Eliminate the jaws and shelf and just bring the aperture in to 3.5 inches or whatever the actual minimum can be. Now you have a tough pool table.