2x4 or 3x6 wanted


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I'm looking to get a nice "home" for my playing cues since I sold my Talisman case a while back. I'm looking for a 2x4 Green / Black Dennis Swift, Talisman, or other NICE case but can't afford a Justis since my baby boy is now here, he comes 1st! I figure the cases mentioned will be within my grasp but I have a few necessities. It must be in great shape, or just like new...and paypal with the possibility of taking credit cards for payment are my only restrictions. I'd like it to have 2 pockets and zip closed but will be open to other ideas. I'd also like it to have a shoulder pad on the strap if possible. Show me what you got with price! I'm in no hurry so this may take a little time


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Got my old Instroke for sale. $200 +shipping.
Not exactly new lookin', but a great case nonetheless.
Check out my sig for link to pics.

- J


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small gator print 3x6

This case has all the extras. It's three yrs old and is in real good shape. Let me know if your interested. $375 Shipped with insurance.


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