Action Break/Jump 07


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I typically do not like playing with a break/jump cue, for i like individual aspects of a straight break and a straight jump cue.

I received this cue for free and decided to give it a try and I was very amazed with this product. Especially for an entry level cue.

The break power of this cue is absurd at 26oz, I usually play with a 19oz break cue and thought this weight would throw me off, after 2 months using this cue I am consistently making 1-3 balls on break, laying the white in the middle of the table with position on the lowest ball.
For breaking on 8ball, if you aim at the second ball you must take power off the break for its so heavy, it will consistently jump off table, you loose control of the ball, I usually break from about 2 inches to the right of center anyways for i would rather get a good break and just run out then trying for the 8ball anyways. This cue is magnificent, the break power is unparalleled.

For a Break/Jump cue, this has got to be the best jump cue i have ever wielded. It is like using a pogo stick to hop over balls, the accuracy is amazing as well. Using English even on a far jump shot is a piece of cake. This cue put my lucasi air hog to shame, (I hate the air hog, such a waste of money) Since I have received this cue, I haven't even pulled out my jump cue and I traded my air hog.

I would highly recommend this to anybody of any budget, this is the best jump/break by far for the money and quality. Then again it was completely free for me.

MSRP: $135


Tip: 13.5mm phenolic fire tip with white phenolic pad
Ferrule: 1/2" black carbon ferrule
Shaft: 29" hard rock maple, 10 - 12" pro taper, brass insert
Collar: Stainless steel collar
Joint: Stainless steel Action Quick Release pin
Forearm: Black stained hard rock maple above Action Quick Release break/jump joint
Wrap: None
Sleeve: Reverse "Power" tapered black stained hard rock maple with silver Action logo