Adjusting to different tables


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When you brush them it is like a cloud of dust takes over the whole room LOL. They are covered with gray cloth and some idiot bought black chalk so they look like dirty Zebras.


Hearing the balls.....
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Yes, and it works both ways, too. Imagine not having enough room at your home for a table and you have no choice but to practice on those conditions, and then going to a tournament where they build the tables and the cloths and equipment are brand new and not broken in yet.

It's frustrating to adjust or even dumb-down some of the skills you worked so hard to perfect. But your goal is not to play your best game when you compete. It's to play the game that works best on the table you're playing on.

When going from one set of playing conditions to another, you will need practice time to figure out how you will have to adjust. You can't jump right into a match with a 5 minute warmup and expect to play your normal game. Even if you're familiar with both conditions --- when you go from one to another, you will need practice time to switch from one mindset to another. If it's a league or tournament, get there early and practice on the conditions and focus on it. Don't look around the room at everybody else. Stay within yourself and focus on adapting.

Most importantly, if you have no choice, then don't fight it. Think of it as a puzzle to be solved. High level players have a checklist in their heads of things to test on a table they're encountering for the first time. That helps move things along quicker for them, especially when there's limited time to make adjustments. Consider doing that.
Lol- again: adjusting is the key :) this topic is hunting us Fran last days- isn t it dear? :)