Sold Bierbower Cues - Purpleheart into BEM (4-Pointer) w/ Inlays

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Bierbower custom cue for sale here!

Garten Bierbower, nice cuemaker out in Port Washington, Ohio.

🪵 Cue Features
Forearm: Birdseye Maple
Buttsleeve: Purple Heart
Points: Purple Heart (4-pts)
Veneers: Four Laminates (Black/White/Purple/White)
Inlay Materials: Elforyn w/ Black Diamond
Ringwork: 5 Rings (3 Fancy, 2 Silver Ring)
Wrap: Burgundy Embossed Lizard
Pin: 5/16x14 (Piloted)
Joint: Stainless Steel
Buttcap: Elforyn
Shaft: 1 Shaft (Original Shaft)
Ferrule: Faux Ivory

Butt: 15.65oz
Shaft: 3.96z (13.02mm)
Butt Length: 29”
Shaft Length: 29”
Cue Balance Point: 18.78” (from buttcap)

Cue is in good used condition.
Butt has two flaws, one hairline scratch on the SS joint, other is a small finish flaw on one of the points.
Shaft is used, with the seasoned patina look.

Price: $OLD shipped express worldwide

Enjoy the pictures!

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I saw this cue when it is was being built and after it was completed before going off to its first owner. The purpleheart is very high grade stuff. As many of you know purpleheart will 'deepen' in color over time and it is evident, to me at least, that has happened with this cue based on these pictures. Fantastic deep color in the wood. Good luck with the sale!