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I have an align-rite CNC machine designed to build pool cues. I am the original owner and I purchased it in 2005/06, I believe. I made some cues with it and sold a few. My living circumstances changed and I was forced to put it in storage at a friends home. I got it out a few years ago and I have it up and running. I haven’t made any cues lately because I don’t have all my machinery that is required so I just use it to make little odds and ends. I’d like to get back into shooting pool again and according to my wife, the only way I can put a pool table in the garage is if I get rid of the CNC machine so I’m going to put it up for sale. I’m looking to get $3,500, O.B.O. I will include everything . Last summer I bought a refurbished computer with windows XP on it. I have a vacuum pump for the vacuum table included. Whatever router bits I have, I will include. It’s in pretty decent shape. Hopefully it’ll go to someone who will be able to put it to its best use. Thanks for checking this ad, I hope to hear from someone soon. It is located in Nazareth PA. That’s about an hour north of Philly. 1st pic is of the cue I made,sorry about the pic quality, I tried to post good pics but they were too big.
Thanks again, Steve.


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