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When I was about 9 the Miz came to Hawaii and did a demo at the BX on Hickam AFB. My father and I were playing pool for hours and hours everyday, and what better to do for a young player than to bring him to meet a living legend. He did some trick shots including the beer commercial setup and signed autographs. Here's a pic of the autograph I got that day and his book which we bought later that week.


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I remember Steve Mizerak. First saw him play was at the Stardust open in early 70's i believe. He had a crew cut, wore glasses, and weighed about 165 pounds. Ran 97 and out. When next i saw him, at the Elks club a few years later, he had ballooned up to about 300 pounds. He was at the buffet eating like a pig, a fork in each hand, never missed a stroke nor did he slow down or speed up. a very solid pace. the most amazing thing i ever saw. A great talent, but he literally are himself to death.