LTB Bender Type 3/8-14 joint pin or lathe driver pin for lathe & joint adapter 3/8-14 to UniLoc Quick Release


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Looking for 2 things...
1. A 3/8x14 joint pin that would fit any Omega/DPK, Bender or Esoteric Cues
2. Curious if anyone out there can make me a 3/8x14 (female) to Uni-Loc quick release (male) joint adapter. NOTE: I believe the OD of the 3/8x14 joint pin is different than the production cues of today using that joint type. Must be same as Bender/Omega-DPK/Esoteric Cues.

Rick Geschrey of Esoteric cues provided the joint pin for the cue I’m looking to have the adapter made for.