questions of Cue ID and should I refinsh?


I posted this cue on the main forum a couple weeks ago. It is unmarked as far as the maker goes. After playing with it for a couple weeks, it has become my favorite cue of all time.. LOL.. I cant even describe the hit... but everything just feels... well.. right.

So now, it has become a mission to figure out who made it.. and my debate over whether or not to leave it with its original finish, or to have someone refinish it. I did not think I would really like the cork wrap.. but I do..

Here are the particulars, submitted for the review of the experts, and my hope that someone can help me pin this down. Personally, I think it is Harvey Martin style / maybe TAD style... but I know there are many others it could possibly be. My thanks in advance.

Total length = 57 1/4 inches, not including bumper
Shaft length = 29 inches
Length of the forearm / butt = 28 1/4
Length of cork wrap = 13"
Ferrule length = 11/16th
Buttcap length = 15/16
shaft weight = 4.1 oz
Butt weight = 16.01 oz
Distance from lower wrap to butt cap = 1 1/2 "
distance from top of wrap to bottom of joint = 11 1/2"
Black ring above the buttcap.
Stamped Bubinga on the shaft collar.
The lower part of the joint (white) flouresses white under black light
The buttcap appears to be delrin?
I am not sure what the red part of the joint is made of.. Ideas?
3/8-10 pin - aluminum?

I promise, I have searched every resource I could think of.. but yall are the experts.
The refinish question is the big one for me... I plan to continue playing with it... and liked it so much, I visited Ebay and bought a couple that I thought were built similar from a couple of frequent posters of AZbillards.. I cant wait for them to get here .. LOL.

Thanks Again.
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Hmmmm.. Why arent the pics showing up??? Ok. Obviously I need some help and am not a cpu genius... The pics showed up on the other thread in the main forum.. and I did it exactly the same..








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