Schmelke Soft Tips?


I'm looking to get a couple of decent house cues, and will probably buy them from Schmelke -- they make a whole range of cues in the $100 range. Anybody have any experience with their "Schmelke Soft" tip? They'll include that for no extra charge, or a "Halle 16 Layer Laminate" soft tip for $8. Anyone know what that is? If I don't have to sink $30 into new tips for these $100 cues (and put them on myself), that would be great.

(In case you're asking yourself why I care what kind of tips my house cues have, my wife and I will be playing with them when we have company -- we've resolved to pack our cues away whenever we have more than just a couple of people over. Tired of replacing mistreated shafts!)

the chicken

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Be a man and order your cues with medium tips. A real man would order Tiger Everest medium tips.

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When I ordered a Schmelke cue I sent them the tip I wanted installed (UltraSkin ProSoft) because they didn't have them in their stock. I don't think they charged me any extra to install it since the shaft is made to order, not off-the-shelf with an OEM tip.