Sivissidis-Open 9 Ball and 10 Ball


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Sivissidis-Open in Switzerland

Saturday July 18th9 ball (no spots are free)
Sunday August 16th10 ball (spots are free)

Double K.O. (64/80 participants) (Last 8/16 Direct K.O.)

Aarauerstrasse 70, 5603 Staufen, Aargau, Switzerland

Livestream on Reelive: (

Entry fee €50 (until 17 years: €35)

Race length tbd, Alternate Break, Self Rack

Registrations close 3 days before each tournament start.

Draw: Eve before the tournament starts.
Match start: 10.00, Opening Door: 09.00

Postfinance, Kiss-Shot Holliger
IBAN: CH2609000000153787067, BIC POFICHBEXXX
State your name and email-address in the description.
Please send also proof of payment by SMS or Email.

Guaranteed for every tournament.
Champion 1’111 CHF Runner-up 666 CHF 3rd 333 CHF 5th 166 CHF

Shirt/blouse or polo shirt. Normal trousers (business jeans also possible).
For ladies a skirt or dress possible.
Closed shoes,, +41 79 342 53 03


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