Speed, style, and game

Speed, style, game?

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Your wushu is weak!
Happy Thanksgiving. Just as stated in title. How’s your game? What’s your speed is the poll. It’s your highest speed. Even if you’re not there now. And cmon. Be honest. Just pick your best guess. I left it open you can pick two if you’re not exactly sure . Please under comments. What’s your game and style? Let’s see if how you play is relevant to your preference in game. Everybody is different. I’ll list a few styles I came up with for this and start it off. Please add your own if you want.


Still Learning

All Around


Slow roller







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Your wushu is weak!
Gunslinger-8 ball I play a faster tempo. Get myself in trouble when a shot is only like 50% and I take it anyway. Something like a bad angle with a tight window.

I took it a step further and listed the biggest deficiency in my game/style of play.
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It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that ping.
Strategy 8 ball. Medium tempo. Make people believe I get lucky leaves by playing safe/2 way shots at a fast and loose pace, never correct them on it either. Not flashy but my position routes will leave people scratching their heads. I get shape, but it's often in the most odd way you can imagine. If I can't run out, good luck getting a shot. Sometimes this causes me to lose when I leave an opponent a super difficult off angle bank or something and they sink it. Percentages can sometime fail but BIH is forever.

And then there are those days those dang balls just won't behave.