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I have a small job shop with a couple lathes and mills both cnc and conventional. On occasion, when I am slow, I will put the word out that I will be changing tips. Right now I am putting a Tiger Everest tip on for someone who wanted something specific.

I would like to keep a tip in stock that will work for the shooter that is not looking for something specific. ie. a league shooter that plays one game a night or the occasional bar shooter.

Any recommendations?

Also, pricing to change a tip. I had been charging $10 to put a LePro on. I am getting away from the LePro because I may go through 2 or 3 tips before I find a good one.

(I do not want to talk about LePro and their inconsistencies as there are several other pages with this. There may be a page about this question as well but I could not find one.)


Kim Bye

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That would be a great world to live in. I don't think there is going to be one tip that works for everyone.
I stock Zan, Kamui, G2, Moori, Super Pro, a few different tips from Tiger and Longoni + the standard non layered tips and break/jump tips from Samsara, White diamond, Mezz and Taom and I seem to be sellig a little bit of everything.. when adding up all the different tips and hardness variations I stock I count 46! Different tips.
I'm not saying you should do that, but a few different layered tips, some elk master and triangles and a break tip or two, would be a minimum.
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I like to have on hand at any time....the complete ultra skins line, triangles, Everest, lepro, elkmaster, milkduds from muellers, G2 variety, water buffalo, phenolic, G10 break tip, white diamonds... and a small amount of no name tips to try as a trial deal.
I no longer stock the triumphs, as they tend to break apart right at the red pad and the tip falls off and the pad stays.... I don't like to replace tips on my dime due to the tip manufacturer doing a bad job. I've even had them fall apart while trimming a newly installed tip...didn't even see table time...
I will not stock Kamui tips....stupidly high price for a tip, considering Ultra Skins performs as well if not better and for a fraction of the cost!
All I've got at this time....:thumbup: