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I don't know what it is, how to care for, ???

ran the images through internet, I was presented with more than a dozen variety.

Began feeding black coffee, seems to like it.



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Prison break

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Is this a test ?

OK ...

It looks like a type of cedar to me ... but that doesn't narrow it down much https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_plants_known_as_cedar

Best way to take care of it IMO is to plant it in the ground, trees don't grow well in the confines of a tub.

Real Deal
neighbors, myself, 1 or 2 others had constant delivery trucks driving up and on the sidewalk, sometimes parked for hours, Queens NY.

Because of the official capacity, FedEx USPS DHL UPS, the Dept of Traffic turned a blind eye.
So.......we grabbed some containers and dropped the plants in effort to rid the truck's.

It Worked, one night a roaring drunk FedEx guy kicked all containers into this side of next week.

You're viewing the salvaged pot.
(best of 10)

Prison break

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Plants were healthy until the night we found all broken in the street. Trucks would line the sidewalk all day long

Doesn't look like much but neighbors are trying to make things just a little better.