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    FS @@@@ Jerry R @@@@

    Beautiful Jerry R Desert Ironwood 4 pointer into Curly Koa wood with 4 veneers. Natural, Mahogany brown, Teal blue and Black. Specs: Butt weighs 15.3oz. Shaft 1 is 4.2oz, 12.9MM, with ivory ferrule and triangle tip Shaft 2 is 4.1oz, 12.8MM, with ivory ferrule and triangle tip Balance point is...
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    @@@@Ed Prewitt full splice@@@@

    Ed Prewitt full splice for sale. This cue is a monster player and is the best built cue that I have ever owned. Truly flawless craftsmanship. This full splice wrapless is constructed from Mexican cocobolo into birdseye maple with black, green, orange, and natural veneers. All white in the...
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    @@@@FS:Kenny Murrell@@@@

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    @@@@Jeff Olney--S.W. Style

    Olney southwest style 6 pointer, 3 high, 3 low with veneers. Purple heart and ebony points into highly figured birdseye maple. Rings at all positions. Points are all even and fit and finish is excellent. This cue has seen very little play even though it is one of the better playing cues that...
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    @@@@@FT Bushka style Kikel@@@@

    @@@@@FT Bushka style cue@@@@ No longer available.
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    FS: Almost new JMW Hoppe Cue

    I am listing an almost new(less than 5 racks), beautiful James White Hoppe cue. The cue has an ebony buttsleeve with notched ivory diamonds, ivory hoppe ring, ebony points, and ivory stitch-ring work. The veneer colors are natural, chartreuse green, orange and black. Razor sharp and even...
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    ********Carmeli for sale********

    no longer available.
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    WTT Madden Ebony Merry Widow

    I would like to trade this almost new 2012 Madden ebony merry widow. I am mainly looking for Southwest style cues or a Kikel, Phillippi or Barnhart. The Madden is an awesome player and one of the most well balanced cues I've ever owned. I'm just trying to feed the addiction and try out...
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    WTT 2010 Gilbert J/B

    I would like to trade my Gilbert J/B for an Omen, Lomax, Mezz or Samsara jump/break cue. I can add some cash if necessary. The Gilbert is made out of Tulipwood and the specs are: Weight--18.3oz. Shaft--12.82MM Length--58" Samsara tip Sorry about the pictures. The cue looks way better in...
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    Omen, Lambros, Jensen, Wayne and Mezz FS

    I have 5 very nice players for sale. All cues are 58" long and are straight together or apart. 1. Omen wenge 4 pointer just refinished by Pete recently. I had Pete make an extra shaft for it while he had the cue and it has never been played. He also put on a new wrap. Both shafts have...
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    F/S Brand new Instroke

    For sale: Brand new 2x4 Instroke Saddle edition. Tan and brown leather with very nice tooling work. $sold
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    WTT Pierce Custom Cue

    Looking to sell or trade an almost new Pierce Custom cue that I picked up recently from Bamacues. The cue is a great player but I'm still in the process of trying out as many cues as I can. I would really like to trade for a PJ Barnhart or Murrell but I am willing to look at other cues as...
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    Omen J/B F/S

    Pete Ohman J/B for sale: Specs: Butt--16.2oz. 30" 3/8 11 brass pin Straight Shaft--3.40z. 29" 12.88MM Slight wobble but nothing leaves the table Tip--Unknown The butt is made out of birds eye maple and ebony and there are fancy rings at the shaft collar, joint collar and butt cap...
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    F/S McDermott M29B Bridgeport

    For sale: McDermott M29B Bridgeport with the original I-2 shaft and a G-Core shaft with an aftermarket ferrule. The cue is straight together and apart. The butt has one tiny nick on the edge of the butt cap. Shafts have some bluing, but will be cleaned up before it's mailed out. Cocobolo...
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    F/S: Justis 2x4 and Brunswick 2x4

    2006 Justis 2x4 Prolite and Brunswick by George 2x4. Both cases are in good shape with slight wear marks on both. The George case does not have a strap. All zippers and latches are in good shape. Justis--Sold George--Sold