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  • I did not know about the state tourney, shoot me the dates and I will see if I can make it. That would be awesome. I don't think these Hawaiian boy over here know how to play anything but 8 ball. I could use a good one pocket game or even some snooker.
    Terry is good people, although I could never beat him on the pool table. He was always a couple gears ahead of me, he shoots a good game. Yea that is the Todd I was thinking of. I did get married but not to Sarah, just couldn't make that work. I will definitely hook up with you when I can get back up there. Hoping to come up this Oct. and maybe again during the Fur Rondy tourney.
    Does Runner still work behind the bar at the new location, I heard the Palace moved down by Blues central, hope it still has the class of the old room.
    No but I did sell a cue to Jason that had diamonds in it, most people called me Dick because that was my last name before I got married, Now the Hawaiians have nicked named me "Skinny Bones Jones". I was building cues up here before I left. Still some of the cues running around and I am just getting back into building them.
    Just trying to contact anybody from Alaska, most of the players are known to me and just trying to get in touch with them. Thank you for your time.
    Sounds good, hope the cue is treating him well. Sorry I do not think I know you, but when I get up there maybe I can buy you a beer, or we can play some pool.
    Today 01:47 PMAlbatross Cues
    Used to live in Anchorage and play,played the palace on the old Seward and on c-street. Just thought this might be Todd who was friends with Justin the lawyer and Bill Johnson(rip). It has been a long time since I have had any contact with the pool community up there. Also does Rob Martin still play around up there? If he does, ask him to see the curly shafted cue. He will know who I am...Mahalo
    Is this Todd from the old Billiard Palace in Anchorage, if it's not sorry for the interruption. If it is I need the seven and out in a race to nine, or how about some nine six one pocket. Let me know,

    Mahalo, Jason
    Hey there Todd! I wanna leave positive feedback for our transaction!!! I got the cue and it's very nice... Thank you!
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